A Staple Cardigan – The Girls’ Tanacross

If you've been following my feed or my shop lately, you'll see that I've turned a lot to solids and wardrobe staples. While my girls still love splashes of design here or there, they're just as game for their minimalist wardrobe as I am! And I'm loving it! So when I considered patterns for the staple... Continue Reading →


Indian Style – Ghagra Choli Inspiration Sew

I've been missing my family in India like crazy! For those who have close family on opposite sides of the world, you hear me. With Mother's Day coming up, I even tried my hand at a bit of written Tamil, my MIL's Mother Tongue: And when the most beautiful lace specialty fabric from Boho Fabrics... Continue Reading →

P4P Sporty Piko

Ohhh yes! Have you been searching for this style too? I run a little clothing line, Lifecycle Apparel, and I've been looking for the perfect cropped hoodie with drawstring bottom. It's trendy; it's comfortable; it's perfect for beach days (we're in the Great Lake state of Michigan) and yoga (bring me all the serenity and... Continue Reading →

“The” Cardigan – Tanacross

I finally found "the" cardigan I've been looking for. After I had my last baby (over 3 years ago!), my mom bought me a cardigan that changed my wardrobe. It had a flowy front, was made of natural, breathable fibers, and I started throwing it over everything! When I found the Tanacross, I thought, "Well hey--that... Continue Reading →

Sahara Ladies: Scooped Back Twirl Dress

 I hope everyone had the most wonderful holiday! I was "all in" this year with my three little girls (and hubs, of course!). Aside from a little pattern promo here or there to thank the wonderful pattern companies for all they do, we were cookie-making, crafting, party-attending, Christmas caroling, game-playing, Orchestra-twirling, and all-things-Christmas to be... Continue Reading →

SLPco Ayda Christmas – Unicorn Style

This year, my two older girls had distinct visions of what they wanted to wear for Christmas. Not surprisingly, my eldest daughter wanted something magical, and that, of course, involved a unicorn floral crown. I wanted a beautiful dress to go with it--something that made her feel so special. So we went to my fabric collection,... Continue Reading →

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