Seamingly Smitten Callie Dress + Working with Specialty Fabric – That’s A Wrap!

Sewing speciality fabric has been one of my recent goals. It's stunning and perks up any style with little effort. When I was browsing styles of dresses with my hubs, I wanted something that he'd love as much as I would -- and he gravitated toward relaxed-fit, sleeveless dresses with some sort of front detail.... Continue Reading →


A Staple Cardigan – The Girls’ Tanacross

If you've been following my feed or my shop lately, you'll see that I've turned a lot to solids and wardrobe staples. While my girls still love splashes of design here or there, they're just as game for their minimalist wardrobe as I am! And I'm loving it! So when I considered patterns for the staple... Continue Reading →

P4P Sporty Piko

Ohhh yes! Have you been searching for this style too? I run a little clothing line, Lifecycle Apparel, and I've been looking for the perfect cropped hoodie with drawstring bottom. It's trendy; it's comfortable; it's perfect for beach days (we're in the Great Lake state of Michigan) and yoga (bring me all the serenity and... Continue Reading →

“The” Cardigan – Tanacross

I finally found "the" cardigan I've been looking for. After I had my last baby (over 3 years ago!), my mom bought me a cardigan that changed my wardrobe. It had a flowy front, was made of natural, breathable fibers, and I started throwing it over everything! When I found the Tanacross, I thought, "Well hey--that... Continue Reading →

Sahara Ladies: Scooped Back Twirl Dress

 I hope everyone had the most wonderful holiday! I was "all in" this year with my three little girls (and hubs, of course!). Aside from a little pattern promo here or there to thank the wonderful pattern companies for all they do, we were cookie-making, crafting, party-attending, Christmas caroling, game-playing, Orchestra-twirling, and all-things-Christmas to be... Continue Reading →

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