Creating a Tank Dress from Tank Top Pattern

With summer in full effect in Michigan, I’ve been scanning my wardrobe for holes that I might be able to fill. I realized I was in need of some multi-use dresses that I could easily throw on over a suit at the beach or dress up and wear to graduation parties and other outings or events. I always keep my eye on patterns at Pattern Niche and decided to slightly modify the Maui Tank pattern to create the versatile dress I was looking for (or…the first of many!).


The tank pattern includes two beautiful designs–a binding style and a wider strap, depending on preference. I went with the binding style since I don’t mind wearing strapless bras or swimsuits…and because I adore the style. In these photos, I even have a regular bra on. It peeks out at times but isn’t too noticeable.

To turn your Maui Tank into a tank dress, you really just need to angle the seams down into an A shape! I knew I wanted mine slightly looser (the tank is a fitted pattern), so I kept the pattern as-is through the bust and then started widening the edges through the midsection and down. If I measure an XS, I angled it to at least a Medium and wider and wider as I went down.


I love the feel of natural fibers on my body, so I used a cotton spandex as the main body and decided to sew a full lace overlay on top because…lace! I had this gorgeous lace from Boho Fabrics that I’ve been saving, and this was the perfect use! It’s soft, and when I wore the dress out, my aunt ran right up to feel the gorgeous lace. So, basically, I treated the underlay and overlay as one piece and followed the instructions to attach the binding. I wanted to keep the two layers separate so they’d flow in the breeze, so I attached the seams only a couple of inches below the armpit.

I hope you enjoy and feel inspired to make your own! You can grab your Maui Tank pattern HERE and craft for loungewear, layered looks, and outing dresses all from one pattern. ❤

xo! Jennifer

Affiliate disclosure: Any affiliate links means that I have taken time to test or try patterns that I believe in and only promote patterns that I see as professionally crafted and have gone through the appropriate processes. Using an affiliate link helps support the person who shares by offering a very small percentage of commission to the seamstress blogger. Thank you for supporting our inspirational sewing community while creating your wardrobe!

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