Tawsha Dress as a Top!

   The Tawsha Dress from New Horizons Designs is the easiest, cutest A-line dress project! The day before the first day of school, I asked my girls, "Did you want a new dress for your first day?" 🙈 I mean...who would say no? My girls speedily ran to my fabric stash, chose their sparkly unicorns and... Continue Reading →

The Opposite Stripe Dress – PDF Sewing for Girls

Oh how I love the opposite stripe look -- with horizontals on top and verticals on the bottom. 😍 It's fun, and fresh, and modern...and the stripes totally create the look. I recently made myself a dress for my husband's immigration ceremony with this concept in mind and wanted to re-create the look for my daughter when... Continue Reading →

Sew What You Love

 As an avid seamstress, tester, designer, promoter (etc. etc.) over the last 8 years, I started to sink into a bit of the at-home, fast-fashion mindset. Even though I wasn't promoting a large box store of exploited seamstresses, I was a bit exploited...and sewing for something ... I'm not sure quite what -- to be... Continue Reading →

Sewing: Manhattan Dress Maxi

I have some big news: My husband is becoming a US Citizen in 10 days!! We've been married 8 years and have been through the full (lengthy) immigration process -- so this is a huge time for us 😀 His Oath Ceremony will be extremely special, and I wanted to wear something timeless yet festive.... Continue Reading →

P4P Sporty Piko

Ohhh yes! Have you been searching for this style too? I run a little clothing line, Lifecycle Apparel, and I've been looking for the perfect cropped hoodie with drawstring bottom. It's trendy; it's comfortable; it's perfect for beach days (we're in the Great Lake state of Michigan) and yoga (bring me all the serenity and... Continue Reading →

“The” Cardigan – Tanacross

I finally found "the" cardigan I've been looking for. After I had my last baby (over 3 years ago!), my mom bought me a cardigan that changed my wardrobe. It had a flowy front, was made of natural, breathable fibers, and I started throwing it over everything! When I found the Tanacross, I thought, "Well hey--that... Continue Reading →

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