SLPco Ayda Christmas – Unicorn Style

This year, my two older girls had distinct visions of what they wanted to wear for Christmas. Not surprisingly, my eldest daughter wanted something magical, and that, of course, involved a unicorn floral crown. I wanted a beautiful dress to go with it--something that made her feel so special. So we went to my fabric collection,... Continue Reading →


Double Hood “Tami” with Thumbhole Cuffs – Winter Sewing

This winter, I think I've been pickier than seasons in the past. I'm at the point where I know the styles that I like, and I want to create a specific wardrobe. I often find myself wearing my cute clothes at home (after all, that's all I sew 😉 )...and then throwing one of my hubby's... Continue Reading →

Naughty/Nice PJ Release by P4P

  The Naughty Nice PJs by Patterns for Pirates are here! ...and if you can't tell, I've been a nice girl this year 😉 But the naughty version will definitely get me on my hubby's nice list 🤣 Here's a glimpse at the cuteness from the pattern cover: My Version: I sewed the Nice neckline with long sleeves... Continue Reading →

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