Back to School Sewing – Fall Dress Style

It’s the beginning of August; some have already ventured back to the classroom, and others are in full prep. We are over here soaking up every last drop of summer while I work behind the scenes to create a few wardrobe additions that’ll help my girls feel special away from home ❤

Pattern: Meet the Melbourne by Pattern Niche
Fabric: Leopard / Cheetah Cotton Spandex by Knitpop (on awesome clearance)

The Melbourne comes in both top and dress options, with curved hem or straight, and multiple sleeve lengths. There is also a women’s option (woop woop).

When I got my fabric in, I 1. drooled over it, 2. immediately bought more, and 3. asked my girls what they’d want in the soft cotton spandex for the school year. I love how practical my girls have gotten; they know how to choose wisely. So my eldest daughter asked for a dress with long sleeves so she could wear it all fall and winter long! That’s my girl!

It’s a bit hard to tell with the print, but Melbourne slightly curves up around the bodice, for a bit of a modern babydoll style look.

So, now that her dress is all set, she’ll just be over here shopping for all the cute accessories (and maybe some shoes) 😉

Happy sewing!!

xoxo, Jennifer

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