Rory Dress – New Release! Sleek Turtleneck Peplum and Dress


Is it Rory or Rawwwry? 

I didn’t realize the pun until after I sewed, so this is pretty much a match made in heaven.

The Rory Peplum, Skirt, and Dress is Kelly Stevens’s Petite Stitchery debut and such a way to come in hot.

With a very fitted bodice and turtleneck, I find this style sleek, romantic, and something that I want to sew in sparkles for Christmas (that creation is definitely coming!).

And yes–there are options for a peplum and skirt too 


DSC_0793 DSC_0792

For my version, I used brushed poly from Knitpop: solid black for the top of the dress and olive with tigers for the skirt. With my husband’s full family in India and our love for wild cats, this was a creation that needed to happen.


You can get the Rory Dress at release sale price at Petite Stitchery. Be sure to share your creations to the Petite Stitchery Facebook Fan Group and use hashtag #PSRory so we can see all of the gorgeous creations!


The Lulu Dolman Sweater – Gorgeous Way To Use Those Sweater Knits


Sweater knits. They are glorious, soft, and we can’t keep our credit cards from them. If you’re like me, you’ve hoarded a good number of them and have wondered, “Now…what do I make?”

Here it is. A great use of sweater knits aside from our awesome cardigans:

The Lulu Dolman Sweater


I couldn’t just make “1”–so I have quite a few versions to share.



The Lulu features a dramatic hi-low hem and long dolman sleeves. My first is made from a lightweight sweater knit (recommended for this pattern) that I won in a Knitpop box auction.

DSC_0603  DSC_0610


My second version is from gorgeous French Terry slub from Sly Fox Fabrics, paired with charcoal French terry sleeves.

I love the front cut-line of the dolman. It’s an on-trend cut that’s not meant to be long but can easily be lengthened. Shown here is the natural cut-line of the pattern.


The pattern also features binding for both the hemline and the neckline. If using a thicker fabric, a regular hem is recommended. For the thinner fabrics, though, the binding is such a nice detail. DSC_0843











My third version is made with a plaid from Pretty Posh Prints that I fell in love with last year. I used a traditional hem on this version and love both the traditional method and binding!

DSC_0922 DSC_0952



My final version is made with premium cable knit from Sly Fox Fabrics. I had been searching for cable knit to make a sweater like this for years; I was so thrilled that SFF offered it at the perfect timing.

For this type of fabric (open weave), I highly recommend serging all edges (or finishing with a zigzag stitch) before sewing. With an open weave, the edges aren’t all even, so serging offers a consistent edge (and sturdiness) to add the binding.

For my cuffs and binding I used a lightweight soft (brushed) sweater knit. I love the cream paired with the white.


DSC_0866  DSC_0868

And eep–I had to make one more in a custom cotton spandex from Nina Zabal’s Line

The trick with cotton spandex is using a regular hem instead of hem binding since the fabric is thicker. I used brushed poly for the cuffs and neck binding.

DSC_0957 DSC_0964

You can grab your Lulu Dolman Sweater Pattern HERE (plus a release sale). Be sure to use hashtag #PSLuluDolman so we can find all of your beautiful creations!


FREE Tank Pattern at Petite Stitchery




Petite Stitchery just turned 1 year, and they are celebrating with free patterns, big sales, and huge giveaways!!

This is the Swanky Tank, a flattering racerfront tank with loads of possibility. It’s racerback-bra friendly, and I added a piece of stretch lace trim down the center of the back (prior to adding facing or hemming) for a feminine touch. My fabric is a brushed poly (nice flow!) from Knitpop.



DSC_0775  DSC_0782

You can grab your code in the Petite Stitchery FB Fan Group and then add it to your order on the Petite Stitchery website.

Thank you, Petite Stitchery, and happy 1 year!

Blog Tour: Swimwear Edition Featuring Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop’s Marilyn Swimsuit

Wren Marilyn Swimsuit TOUR 1   Wren Marilyn Swimsuit TOUR 2

Welcome to the Lulu & Celeste + Sprouting Jujube Productions tour: Swimsuit Edition; I’m so happy you’re here! Maybe it means that you’re about ready to dive into swimsuit-making for your kids or even you! Or maybe you’re just here for the prizes 😜 Either way, read on! Today I’ll be featuring the Marilyn Vintage Swimsuit by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop, for sizes 3 mos – 12 yrs. Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop graciously provided this pattern for free for the swim edition.


First–a little background on my daughter. She’s never been on the growth chart–not even in the 1% for kids her age. She’s a tiny little thing who needs a mama’s custom fit. So after last year’s saggy-bottom suits where I could literally see her behind, I thought, “that’s it–it’ll be mama-made from here on out!” So here we are! When browsing patterns, I knew I wanted a one-piece, and I happen to have a soft spot for vintage. When I saw that the Marilyn suit offered a shorts style with easy bands, that sealed the deal!




  • View A: Classic One-Piece
  • View B: Classic Tankini
  • View C: Color-Blocked One-Piece
  • View D: Color-Blocked Tankini
  • View E: Ruched One-Piece
  • View F: Ruched Tankini

In addition to a one-piece, the suit also offers a tankini option. I sewed View E: the ruched one-piece.

Wren Marilyn Swimsuit TOUR 6

I used a heart floral swim fabric from Knitpop and solids from Zenith & Quasar. I adore the view from the side, with the ruched front and solid side-panels:


Tips and Tricks

Follow the size chart! My daughter is 3 years old and measures between 3 mos and 6 mos for chest, 3 mos for hips, and close to 2T for height. Although I know to use the charts, I originally made her suit between 6 mos-12 mos width and had to take it back in. SO–if your 3-year-old measures a size 3-month waist, sew it! 😜 That’s the lovely part about custom creations–they work! We just have to look past numbers.

Additionally, the suit called for elastic in the chest band and legs, and I omitted both, having sewn an adult suit for me with bands before (sans elastic). I actually prefer less structure in those areas, especially since the bands are so well-fitted.

That’s all! My first little slice of toddler vintage love. Be sure to check out the rest of the tour and enter the Rafflecopter from the amazing sponsors! Here is a list of PRIZES and ways to enter.



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Disclaimer: The pattern links in this post are affiliate links. I am affiliated with most of the pattern companies I test for, and this in no way shapes my response or promotion. I only test for companies I respect and only share patterns I adore!

Ellie and Mac MOLLY Skirt, No-Closure Summer Staple

Ellie &Mac Circle Skirt 7.jpg

Sometimes the easiest patterns become my wardrobe staples. The Ellie and Mac Molly Skirt just released and will be one of my go-tos this summer…and is $3 (see the price in the cart) during release!! The pattern has no closures, simple side-seams, and a yoga-style waistband. This ups the comfort and makes the pattern one of the quickest your sewing machine will see. The patter is both for teens and women.

Ellie &Mac Circle Skirt 1

As a mom of three littles, this is a perfect style for heading out shopping. I sewed the “regular” length, and there are mini, mid-thigh, petite, and tall length options as well. I used a fun floral liverpool fabric that I got from Ebay; you can find similar pretties from shops like Pretty Posh PrintsLove Adore KnitsSly Fox FabricsKnitpop, and So Sew English Fabrics.

And did I mention…the twirl…

Ellie &Mac Circle Skirt 4

So go grab your insanely priced $3 pattern, and let’s create all of the beautiful things!

Ellie and Mac affiliate link HERE.

Ellie &Mac Circle Skirt 2

The Babe Hoodie Hack: Meet the Side Color-Blocked Easy Summer Tee

What I love about pattern creation is the ability to hack each and create something new–something you may have wanted that your closet was lacking.

Meet the Babe Hoodie from Do It Better Yourself…hacked into a comfortable tee with side color-blocking.

Colorblocked Babe Tee 9

I’ve been on a monochrome and solid kick lately, and I wanted to continue the trend with a tee that I could wear regularly, so I chose 10 oz cotton spandex paired with stretch lace sides (lace from Knitpop).

To get the look, I made a few changes: 1. used a neckband rather than a hood, 2. modified front and back to include side panels, 3. modified the length, 4. made my waistband slightly tighter.

Let’s get started on how to achieve this look. It’s easy, and you can use the same general guidelines to create the changes you’d like! Just note–I’m sure there are other ways to get the same look; I’m just sharing what I did 🙂

  1. First, you’ll want to cut out your pattern to the desired length. For tee-shirt length, I cut mine in between the lengthen line and the jacket line.
  2. Then, you’ll want to cut your front and pack pattern piece to achieve the side panel look you’d like. I wanted a small, modest stripe since I was using semi-sheer lace, but you could cut much farther in to create a more dramatic look (especially if using a darker color at the side panel).

Babe Blog Tutorial 2.jpg

3. You’ll then cut out your side panels. You’ll need 2 mirror images. Take your front bodice cut-out, and then flip your back bodice cut-out over so that we’re seeing the wrong side of the pattern. Put these together, and it will create your panel. Fold your fabric in half to cut the 2 mirror images simultaneously. *I did not add extra seam allowance because I wanted a fitted style. If you add seam allowance, just add 1/8-1/4” to each side (not top/bottom) since some seam allowance was already accounted for.

Babe Blog Tutorial 1

4. So that we won’t have a seam down the center of the side panel, we assemble the side cut-outs as panels. Make sure that you have the front side of the panel (mine had a longer edge), and sew the panel right sides together (RST) with the front bodice (starting at the armpit down to the waistband line).

Babe Blog Post 3

5. Then, (missing from picture), you’ll attach the back bodice the same way. Lay it on top of the front bodice (RST), and sew the the back bodice to the back side of the side panels. I like to start from the bottom of the garment and sew up to the armpit. Also sew the shoulder seams together at this time.

6. Take your arm pieces, and sew down the sleeve RST because we will be inserting the sleeve into the sewn bodice. Since I failed to photograph this process (shame on me!), here’s a tutorial to show the basics of sewing the sleeve and adding a sleeve to a bodice from Tilly and the Buttons. Don’t worry about the gathering technique they include; just use it for a visual on steps 6 and 7 if you haven’t added a sleeve to a bodice that was already sewn together.

7. You’ll use the same link in Step 6 (if you need it) to see how to insert the sleeve into your garment. With your garment Inside/Wrong Side Out, you’ll take the sleeve which is Right Side Out and insert it into the arm opening, matching the bottom of the armpit and the top shoulder seam with the top center of the sleeve piece. Pin around, and sew the full circle. Your sleeve should be INSIDE of the bodice at this point (see the link in Step 6 if you need a visual).

8. To add the neckband, measure the raw neck opening and take 80% of that (your number multiplied by 0.80). This will be the length of your band. The width will be 1.5”-1.75”. Sew/serge your neckband RST on the short ends to create a full circular band. Then, fold your neckband Wrong Sides Together (WST) and iron. To stitch my neckband in place, I always turn my garment inside out and place my neckband inside of the garment, aligning the seam of the neckband at the center back of the garment, and lining up the front of the neckband with the front center of the garment. Pin in place, and stitch/serge. *Sorry again for no pics; I’m not used to taking pics while sewing 😩

9. Lastly, I used 1” less (than the included cut chart) for my waistband to create a snugger bottom style that suited the look I was going for. And voilà, you now have a tee!

Colorblocked Babe Tee 5

…and some nice cooling vents for summer 😂

Colorblocked Babe Tee 8



New Horizons Portlander Pants and Shorts: Monochrome Fashion Classics

Portlander Shorts and Daphne Top 6  Portlander Pants and Daphne Top 4

I tend to sew florals or bright colors. I love pink. But this year I’ve been drawn to blues and neutrals like no other and decided to press into that monochrome pull for this sewing feature of the Portlander Pants by New Horizons Designs.

The Portlander Pants is a pant pattern that runs sizes xxs-3XL and is fitted up top and looser toward the bottom. I feel elegant, yet ready for the beach, in this style.

Creating a monochrome wardrobe (or at least a few staples) definitely has its perks. The neutral coordinating colors will be so easy to pair with other items in my closet. Plus, I’m absolutely, helplessly in love with this black+white jersey print from Love Adore .

The second version of the Portlander (same pattern, different look) that I created was shorts. I simply cut at my desired inseam and tried them on to adjust the length before hemming. For a looser fit, simply grade out in the legs (you can also angle outward); I chose to keep the sizing/fit as-is for a fitted style.

Portlander Shorts and Daphne Top 1

This was a fun way for me to use my black lace overlay material from Knitpop. Since I used a sheer stretch crochet lace material, I lined them with mauve double brushed poly (Pretty Posh Prints). The mauve was on the verge of being a bit too nude–but paired with the right top, I ended up loving it as a quick way to feel classy and comfy.

Portlander Shorts and Daphne Top 3

The off-the-shoulder top that I chose as an elegant accent to my Portlander Pants was the Mama Daphne top by Made for Mermaids. I used a solid black double brushed poly from Pretty Posh Prints. Many seamstresses grab the solids and then wonder what to do with them; using them to line lace garments (like under the shorts) and for elegant accent tops like the Daphne is perfect year-round.

Portlander Shorts and Daphne Top 7

You can find the PORTLANDER PANTS here at New Horizons Designs. If you sew up this pattern, be sure to share your creations in the New Horizons FB Group!

Portlander Collage


Summer Wear: Maxi Dresses, Coachella Shorts, Pleated Dresses, and Sleep Sets

I’ve been slower to post than usual because I’ve been gearing up to showcase FOUR new styles that are hot on my summer wear list for 2017!

Let’s start off with that classic date-night, evening beach strolling dress: the maxi!

1. Pattern for Pirates Sunshine Dress

Sunshine Maxi 1 Sunshine Dress 4

The cross-over version of the maxi dress has been in my Pinterest inspiration catalogs, but I hadn’t found the right pattern until this year. With a strapless, halter, and cross-over tank options, the pattern allows you to create several dresses with different looks.

Aside being maxi length (on my “top-sew” list), the cross-over dress also has gathered sides and a a modest cross-over that is both flattering and functional.

I’m most looking forward to wearing this style:

  1. On date nights
  2. Evening strolls at the beach
  3. Anytime I want to feel a bit “fancy” and on our visits to India

Featured “Sunshine Dress” Pattern HERE / Featured brushed poly Fabric from “Pretty Posh Prints” HERE

2. Striped Swallow Designs’ Coachella Shorts + George & Ginger’s Edgy Tank

Edgy Top Coachella Shorts 1.jpg

If I’m not in dresses, I’m likely in skirts or shorts in the summer. Store-bought shorts, though, don’t compliment my body; they either have too short of an inseam for my 5’7.5” height, are too baggy in the crotch, or sit too low at the back. Needless to say, shorts were on my sewing list, and the Coachella Shorts pattern from Striped Swallow Designs was hands-down my fav.!

I paired it with the Edgy Top by George & Ginger and added cups to the top so that I wouldn’t need to wear a bra. (You can find the tutorial on how to add cups here.)

For the coachella shorts, I used a soft chambray with black pom trim The pom trim was through AliExpress. I’m not sure where I grabbed my chambray, but I’ve purchased soft chambray in the past from Phat Quarters, and I know that Punkin Head Threads has some too.

The pattern includes both loose and fitted styles with various inseams, and finding your fit is something you’ll want to think about before cutting. I sewed the looser style with a 4” inseam (for my height) with a mid rise. I measured XS but S in the waist, so I used the XS pattern and cut the elastic the length of the S (the waistband piece is large enough already).

For the Edgy Tank, I used CLUB line stripes from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. I love the quality of the CLUB line; it’s a cotton spandex with great weight, stretch, and recovery. The Edgy Tank is a very quick sew; I love the style (it could, of course, be “edgy” or even quite classy), and the pattern includes a flounce that can drape across the front for an additional look.

I’m most looking forward to wearing this style:

  1. During my daily summer routine
  2. To events like art + craft fairs
  3. On the beach (outfit as shown) and as swimwear (the tank, with swim fabric)

Find the Coachella Short Pattern HERE

Find the Edgy Tank Pattern HERE

3. Made for Mermaids Mama Joy

I’m definitely a dress wearer. If I had my choice, I’d wear a dress pretty much every day; after all, dresses are one piece (easy!), help me feel put-together, and are comfortable. There are so many styles of dresses, though, for every personality. One that speaks my language is the Mama Joy from Made for Mermaids.

Mama Joy Pleat Dress 1

I knew that the first version I’d sew of this dress would be in French Terry. This particular floral terry is from Love Adore Knits. It’s soft, and I wanted to combine comfort with class.

In the Mama Joy pattern, we create the pleats, baste them into place, combine the skirt and bodice, and then take out the baste stitches. The pleats should, then, begin up where the skirt and bodice meet. To create a slender/softer look, I stitched my pleat lines in (rather than basting) and left them in. The pleats begin lower, and I also like how they drape.

Mama Joy Pleat Dress 7

You can find the Mama Joy dress pattern HERE

I’m most looking forward to wearing this style:

  1. To church, the farmer’s market, and other local functions
  2. Summer family gatherings
  3. For work presentations (I sometimes travel and train instructors)

3. The Sew by Pattern Pieces Norma Jean Shorties + the Key West Crop Tank Sleep Set

Underwear has been on my to-sew list for years–but not just any underwear–WELL-fitted underwear. One of my favorite summer sleep sets came from two designers: the Norma Jean Shorties from Sew by Pattern Pieces (see discount code below) and the Key West Tank from New Horizons Designs.

Crop Top and Norma Shorties 4

Because these are sleep sets, I will just share one modeled pic, but wow–the fit could not be better. These don’t hug in the wrong spots and they don’t move around, sag, or fall down. I will be living in these sweet sets.

The Key West Tank by New Horizons comes in a slim or swing style; I chose the cropped version of the swing style to pair with my shorties.

Crop Top and Norma Shorties 7

For a 10% discount on the Norma Jean shorties for my blog readers, use code SBPPAffiliate001 on the Sew by Pattern Pieces Etsy website HERE

Also, join the New Horizons Facebook group to get a code on the Key West tank. You can then add the tank to your cart at New Horizon HERE and it will be FREE.

The floral French terry fabric (very soft) is from Knitpop.

I’m most looking forward to wearing this style:

  1. To sleep during warm summer months (set as shown)
  2. Around the house (crop top)
  3. As swim bottoms (bottoms, with swim fabric)


I hope you’ve found a few styles to inspire your summer wardrobe! Happy sewing!


Women’s Constance Dress by Sew A Little Seam: Tester Round Up

In the tester world, it’s a pretty rare occurrence when the pattern creator pretty much nails the pattern with the first version. Kelly Ballou from Sew A Little Seam sure delivered the goods with this pattern!

The new women’s Constance is the mama version of this wonderful child pattern:

both are part of the Meaningfully Made collection, which means 100% of the proceeds are going to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation – MMRF.


I knew with spring around the corner that I wanted to sew a short-sleeve dress version and a go-to hooded dress version.


For my short-sleeved version, I used my new favorite Art Gallery Fabric on the front called “Philosopher’s Thoughts.” It exemplifies our connection to nature, that “Simplicity is the greatest sophistication;” I hang on every word and could read this daily as my mantra. So, I wrapped myself in it along with grey double brushed poly as the back and bands from Knitpop. It’s heavenly cozy and won’t be in my closet often (because it will be on ME).

For the test, I measured at size 0/2 and sewed between 0/2 and 4/6 to get the slightly looser look throughout the body here.


For my second version, I used Knitpop’s striped brushed poly and floral French Terry along with a beautiful solid pink French Terry fabric from NR Fabrics. I accented the pocket and hood lining with stripes for a modern flair.


For this version, I sewed the more fitted 0/2, and I love this style as well!


It was perfect for this breezy (and still snowy) day and will be perfect for our spring and summer nights!

This pattern comes in top, tunic, or dress length; and each has it’s own look. The dress style will definitely be my go-to for spring and summer, and I’ll be heading toward tunics and tops come fall.

The pattern is available for just $4 (no code needed!) HERE.

Find the Sew A Little Seam Facebook group HERE.

Shop for Art Gallery knits and premium cottons on my Etsy shop Kutti Couture.

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