A New Horizons Lisse Hack: Transforming a Hoodie to Summer Style

When I saw the Lisse Hoodie from New Horizons, I fell in love with that tulip hem! Actually…every little detail–the pleats, the cowl, the drawstring, the hem…screamed “my style.” The nice thing about fall/winter patterns, though, is that with just a few tweaks–we can create a whole new style for other seasons! So let’s take this gorgeous hoodie and create a staple for our summer wardrobe capsule!

*Hoodie pic from New Horizons Designs

Lisse Cowl Hoodie    ———————–>    Lisse Tee New Horizons 3

The first step is to print and assemble the pattern. You’ll only need the bodice pieces and sleeves; you can leave out the hood/cowl/cuffs for this version (but hey…you might as well print them to have them ready for fall!).

Next, you’ll want to determine your preferred neckline. To do this, I simply used a pattern that I love the neckline; you could grab a raglan pattern or another tee–as long as the neckline uses a neckband. Align your shoulder seams, and draw the new neckline right on the Front Bodice piece.

Lisse Mod 1

Next, we’ll make the short-sleeve modification to our sleeve piece. I ended up cutting my sleeve 4.75”-5” down on the sleeve line. I did not taper the sleeves out, so if you want a looser style, you can draw a new line that slants slightly outward (away from the pattern). For my finished sleeve, I used a double-fold hem (folded 0.5” and 0.5” again and hemmed with my double needle).

Lisse Mod 2

Okay, let’s talk Fabric. For my summer version, I chose a super sweet navy polka dot brushed poly from Sly Fox Fabrics. Because of the drape on the Lisse pattern, the brushed poly doesn’t feel too hot (I’ve tested it during our 80/90-degree days). Other great fabrics to use would be stretch rayon terry blends, stretch triblends/jersey, stretch modal and bamboo–anything that is thick/sturdy enough to hold the pleats and still have a nice drape for that tulip hem.

Constructing the bodice will be the same as the rest of the pattern, except you won’t attach the cowl/hoodie early on in the instructions. Instead, follow all instructions, and leave the neck opening untouched; we’ll add a simple neckband next.

Lisse Tee New Horizons 5

When creating my own neckbands, I cut a piece of fabric that is 2” x 25” (or 2” x 12.5” on the fold). Then, I align my neckband to the opening and visually see how much excess is there. I cut/serge off the excess neckband length to ensure that it’s small enough for me to tug it as I sew the neck opening. Stretching the neckband properly ensures a good fit and that it’ll lay flat when sewn. Another method (easier for some) is to simply calculate 80% of the neck opening. Measure your neck opening and multiply it by 0.8, and that will be the length of your neckband. Again, though, you’ll want to ensure that it’s small enough for you to stretch it slightly to fit the opening.

Another tip for a straight neckline is to double stitch (or use your coverstitch if you have one) around the neckline after sewing it on. This gives a polished look and helps it lay flat.

Lisse Tee New Horizons 7

And voilà! You have another staple from the gorgeous Lisse pattern!


Disclaimer: The links in this post are affiliate links. I am affiliated with most of the pattern and fabric companies I test for, and this in no way shapes my response or promotion. I only test for companies I respect and only share patterns I adore!


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