11th Hour Gear Shorts

We loooove the 11th hour gear style (pattern from New Horizons Designs)--with those cool pockets and jogger style. I've sewn some for boys, and I knew they'd be perfect for my girls, too! We only made one change: the length! We hacked 3 sizes off the length, and voilà! Pattern The 11th Hour Gear actually... Continue Reading →

Seamingly Smitten Callie Dress + Working with Specialty Fabric – That’s A Wrap!

Sewing speciality fabric has been one of my recent goals. It's stunning and perks up any style with little effort. When I was browsing styles of dresses with my hubs, I wanted something that he'd love as much as I would -- and he gravitated toward relaxed-fit, sleeveless dresses with some sort of front detail.... Continue Reading →

“The” Cardigan – Tanacross

I finally found "the" cardigan I've been looking for. After I had my last baby (over 3 years ago!), my mom bought me a cardigan that changed my wardrobe. It had a flowy front, was made of natural, breathable fibers, and I started throwing it over everything! When I found the Tanacross, I thought, "Well hey--that... Continue Reading →

Bayside Romper for Women: Easy Mom Wear

So let's face it... there are some days that I just don't have the mental capacity to think about a coordinating outfit. I might wear a mismatched bottom and top to run my daughter to preschool, covered by a long coat (praise Michigan for that never-ending cold!). But in the summertime, my wardrobe becomes much simpler.... Continue Reading →

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