Find Your Summer Sparkle: The True Love Dress

It's true...the name of this dress is really True Beauty, which will certainly make it easy to find within your pattern library (because it is, well...a true beauty). I'm going to keep this post short and let the photos do the talking. What to know? I made the pattern per the size chart and instructions... Continue Reading →


Deer Creek Dress + Snowflakes = Little Girl Winter Princess Attire

Christmas may be over, but winter is in full bloom in our little haven within Michigan. The problem is, my girls have been wearing sleeveless "princess' dresses and tutus for the last 1-2 months. Thank goodness for a warm fireplace! To satisfy my girls' princess spirits, I've been on a mission to marry fabric and... Continue Reading →

Bayside Romper for Women: Easy Mom Wear

So let's face it... there are some days that I just don't have the mental capacity to think about a coordinating outfit. I might wear a mismatched bottom and top to run my daughter to preschool, covered by a long coat (praise Michigan for that never-ending cold!). But in the summertime, my wardrobe becomes much simpler.... Continue Reading →

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