Stretch Lace Over Cotton Spandex = Dressed-Up Comfort!

Stretch lace is gorgeous on its own! I love how it looks with skin underneath--beautiful and breezy. But with spring around the corner, and the need for layering essentials, I decided I must try a combination with a fabric that almost everyone has on hand: solid cotton spandex. This beautiful blue lace stocks today at... Continue Reading →

Beginner Sewing Series with New Horizons Designs: 10 Tools for the Seamstress Tool Kit

Hey there, and welcome to another edition of the Beginner Sewing SeriesĀ from New Horizons Designs! Today I'd like to chat about some of our much-used tools. To ensure that I didn't go overboard (baby registry, anyone??), I went straight to my sewing table and picked up the items that I use each day as I... Continue Reading →

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