Women’s Retro Running Shorts and Tank Sewing Patterns – Little Lizard King

Sewing your own wardrobe can be super fun and rewarding. When I started sewing, testing sewing patterns for companies became one of the most valuable "teachers" in the community. Having a timetable assured that I'd be sewing that week, and I was able to try new tactics along the way. Nine years later, I still... Continue Reading →

Knit “Jean” Shorts To Try This Summer!

At the end of last summer, I was browsing Old Navy for tees to bring to our family in India when I spotted a rack of women's clearance shorts. I typically like to sew everything myself, but "Hey!--Those are a great deal!" I packed a $4 pair away, got them out this summer, and they.were.just.awful!... Continue Reading →

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