Take Me to Venice – The Dress for My Wandering Soul

  We may live in a bustling city. Or surrounded by hay, or Saguaro cactus; we may even have Temple elephants that meander our streets with clamoring roars of the drum. Regardless of where we live, we can sew ourselves into the space in which we desire. Today, I'm in Venice. If only in threads.... Continue Reading →


Seaside Dress: Freshwater Approved! My Woven and Knit Creations with the Seamingly Smitten Pattern

When Seamingly Smitten invited me to do a summer guest blog, my eyes gravitated immediately to the Seaside Dress. The combination of blouse-looking top with the gathered, pocketed skirt is exactly the style I've been oogling this summer. I'm pretty sure I printed the pattern and sewed my first version the same day--and that included making... Continue Reading →

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