11th Hour Gear Shorts

We loooove the 11th hour gear style (pattern from New Horizons Designs)--with those cool pockets and jogger style. I've sewn some for boys, and I knew they'd be perfect for my girls, too! We only made one change: the length! We hacked 3 sizes off the length, and voilà! Pattern The 11th Hour Gear actually... Continue Reading →

Naughty/Nice PJ Release by P4P

  The Naughty Nice PJs by Patterns for Pirates are here! ...and if you can't tell, I've been a nice girl this year 😉 But the naughty version will definitely get me on my hubby's nice list 🤣 Here's a glimpse at the cuteness from the pattern cover: My Version: I sewed the Nice neckline with long sleeves... Continue Reading →

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