52-Week Sewing Challenge: Sewist Spotlight

In 2017, Kelsey Cushing created a beautiful group--and what would become an intentional and incredible meeting space for seamstresses: the 52-Week Sewing Challenge. Each week, Kelsey and her crew posts a new challenge (and all challenges are shared ahead of time within the "files" section of the group). Seamstresses can "accept" the challenge or reject... Continue Reading →

The Opposite Stripe Dress – PDF Sewing for Girls

Oh how I love the opposite stripe look -- with horizontals on top and verticals on the bottom. ūüė欆It's fun, and fresh, and modern...and the stripes totally create the look.¬†I recently made myself a dress for my husband's immigration ceremony with this concept in mind and wanted to re-create the look for my daughter when... Continue Reading →

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