52-Week Sewing Challenge: Sewist Spotlight

In 2017, Kelsey Cushing created a beautiful group--and what would become an intentional and incredible meeting space for seamstresses: the 52-Week Sewing Challenge. Each week, Kelsey and her crew posts a new challenge (and all challenges are shared ahead of time within the "files" section of the group). Seamstresses can "accept" the challenge or reject... Continue Reading →

Back to School Sewing Post 2: A Sparkly Sunshine for Fall

Like all kids, my girls definitely have their unique personalities. If you haven't already guessed, this one loves sparkles, rainbows, sunshines, unicorns... EVERYTHING happy!! She's wild and fun with a splash of sensitive. And when I showed her this top, she let out a... wait for it ... gasp.   Pattern: My go-to pattern for this... Continue Reading →

India Travel Sewing: Pattern 1

As we eagerly prepare for our next trip to India, I'll be sharing a series of posts devoted to the garments we'll be taking with us! With winter months heavily upon us, summer clothing for the trip will definitely be needed for my 3 girls...so why not make it fun?! Let's start with the first... Continue Reading →

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