Mama Mya…Here We Go Again…šŸŽ¶

The beautiful Mama Mya from Made for Mermaids has gotten an update; and I'm in love! What changes were made, you ask? According to M4M, the silhouette is still the same; but the patter now meets their evolved standards for ease, hem, and everything else that makes a pattern delicious. If you already have the... Continue Reading →


Turning P4P Papa Bear Joggers into Euro Swim Shorts

It's a quick and easy transition to transform the P4P Papa Bear Joggers into swimwear for those Euro-loving men! This was seamstress Whitney Decker's genius idea; and when I saw the pair (x10!) that she made for her hubs, I immediately got the stamp of approval from my husband and got sewing! The concept is... Continue Reading →

Bayside Romper for Women: Easy Mom Wear

So let's face it...Ā there are some days that I just don't have the mental capacity to think about a coordinating outfit. I might wear a mismatched bottom and top to run my daughter to preschool, covered by a long coat (praise Michigan for that never-ending cold!). But in the summertime, my wardrobe becomes much simpler.... Continue Reading →

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