Thankful Blog Tour: The Mama Adelyn

My first pattern as a designer was the Mama Adelyn┬átunic and dress for women, and I have┬áso much to be thankful for that got me to that point. Our insanely amazing online sewing community is top-notch. I didn't plan to become a designer. I love sewing other designers' patterns; and you'll see me doing just... Continue Reading →


The Lulu Dolman Sweater – Gorgeous Way To Use Those Sweater Knits

Sweater knits. They are glorious, soft, and we can't keep our credit cards from them. If you're like me, you've hoarded a good number of them and have wondered, "Now...what do I make?" Here it is. A great use of sweater knits aside from our awesome cardigans: The Lulu Dolman Sweater   I couldn't just... Continue Reading →

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