That Tank + Neckline We’ve Been Looking For: PDF Sewing Pattern

Phat Quarters just released the Catalina Tank and Dress--and it has that vibe I've been looking to sew for years (yes...years). I remember snapping a picture years ago of the short turtleneck-like neckline with the tank attached....and thought I'd get around to figuring it out at some point. But that "some point" never came until Phat... Continue Reading →

A Staple Cardigan – The Girls’ Tanacross

If you've been following my feed or my shop lately, you'll see that I've turned a lot to solids and wardrobe staples. While my girls still love splashes of design here or there, they're just as game for their minimalist wardrobe as I am! And I'm loving it! So when I considered patterns for the staple... Continue Reading →

Lesley Flutter: On-Trend Creations

Last fall, I sewed up this version of the Lesley Flutter Sleeve and was in love with the free-flowing arms while still having a great fit throughout the torso.   Today I'll be sharing a few versions of the Seamingly Smitten Lesley in this season's on-trend prints as well as tips and tricks for the... Continue Reading →

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