Beginner Sewing Series with New Horizons Designs: 10 Tools for the Seamstress Tool Kit

Hey there, and welcome to another edition of the Beginner Sewing Series from New Horizons Designs! Today I'd like to chat about some of our much-used tools. To ensure that I didn't go overboard (baby registry, anyone??), I went straight to my sewing table and picked up the items that I use each day as I... Continue Reading →


Lesley Flutter: On-Trend Creations

Last fall, I sewed up this version of the Lesley Flutter Sleeve and was in love with the free-flowing arms while still having a great fit throughout the torso.   Today I'll be sharing a few versions of the Seamingly Smitten Lesley in this season's on-trend prints as well as tips and tricks for the... Continue Reading →

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