Adelyn Point Dress + A Sneak At The Mama Adelyn Coming Soon!







The girls’ Adelyn Point Dress has quickly become my girls’ favorite dress and tunic–the one they ask to wear daily and choose for school pictures. I’m still in awe that I needed to sew a size 6 length for this gal; she’s growing up too quickly!





That point is one of my favorite features.

In fact, after sewing my first Adelyn, I knew this would be an essential dress in my closet as well…so the Mama Adelyn Tunic & Dress was born! That’s right, I dove into the designing world [insert happy dance/exhausted dance/elated dance here].

That’s right….Mama/Me bundle is coming soon! (like…the beginning of the week!)

See it back there? Are you ask excited as I am?


…okay, let’s get a little closer…


…and closer yet…


I used Art Gallery Fabrics’ Floret Honeydew by Dana Willard and Willow Blooms Spices by Pat Bravo because I love how beautiful they look together.

Be sure to head over to the Petite Stitchery & Co. Facebook group for a chance to win the Mama Adelyn before it releases and for all of the details on the upcoming Mama/Me bundle! And while you wait, you can go swoon over (or buy!) the girls’ Adelyn pattern and get started on your creations!

Be sure to use hashtag #PSAdeline for all of the girls’ creations and #PSMamaAdeline for the mama version. We don’t want to miss a thing!








Men’s Wear: The Emmett Tee Tester Round Up

Laela Jeyne released the Emmett Tee on Friday as part of their fall collection, adding another men’s staple to the mix! If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a glimpse:

Emmett Tee Laela Jeyne 2

I love sewing for my hubby; and aside from hoodies, I’ve stuck with raglans for his wife-made wardrobe. I’m glad that Laela Jeyne designed a well-fitted tee that we can now add as a staple!

The Details

The Emmett is a basic tee (with various sleeve lengths) but also includes polo and henley finishing neck options. My husband measured with a small chest and the low end of medium for waist and hips. He is a very slender guy, so he doesn’t like tees that are too loose. He has nice shoulders and muscles for his build, and the Emmett was a great fit without any alterations (just blending sizes according to the size chart). The tee has a comfortable hang without being too loose or too narrow.

Emmett Tee Laela Jeyne 4

Fabric Choices

This tee works best with cotton spandex, jersey with a bit of stretch, modal blends –anything your guy would love the feel of that has a good stretch and recovery. I used Art Gallery Fabrics’ solid cotton spandex (color “aloe mist”). I had just received a shipment and was surprised at how soft the AGF solids are; so I had to pamper my hubby! He absolutely loved the color, softness, and fit. It’s already in high rotation within his closet.

Emmett Tee Laela Jeyne 1

Round-Up Conclusion

Definitely a keeper! …both the pattern and the husband 😉 I’ll be sewing many more of these. I can’t wait to get rid of the ill-fitting store-bought clothes and slowly (or quickly!…this took me like 30 minutes!) replace his wardrobe with a custom-fitted collection.


Back to School Blog Tour: Kinder Style

Welcome to Day 1 of the Lulu & Celeste and Sprouting JuJube back-to-school blog tour! I’m grateful to be part of the tour and have chosen some wonderful shops to highlight as part of our preschool and kindergarten wardrobe gear-up!

All designers mentioned in this post donated my choice of patterns for this feature, so a big round of thanks goes to them! Now, let’s check out some of this Kinder (and Pre-Kinder) fashion!

Phat Quarters: Willow

When I selected my patterns, I wanted to highlight both a knit pattern and woven. “Willow” from Gemia of Phat Quarters was my woven of choice. The pattern might not yet appear on her website, but she is working to get them up soon (previously of Petite Stitchery). This gorgeous boho-styled top was just calling for chambray, so I decided to use my daughter’s two favorite colors: green and blue.

Wren Willow Top

I modified the front of the top to exclude the tie. It’s actually one of the most darling features of the top, but my daughter is sometimes picky about ties. So I slightly widened the neckline to ensure it’d fit over her head. In the end, I could have likely left it as-is because she has plenty of room. For the front of the top, I chose “Cool Foliage” chambray by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Wren Willow Top 4

The most striking feature of the Willow is the curved back yoke. I chose soft hand-dyed Shibori fabric from Seamingly Smitten as a modern, stylish accent. This style perfectly compliments my daughter’s free, explorative personality.

Jalie: Drop Pocket Cardigan

Jali Floral Cardigan Brielle 2

One of the most-used garments in our fall/winter wardrobe are cardigans. It helps with that transition between fall and spring, especially in Michigan. I throw a tank or tee under, and the cardigan is the perfect top layer. When I saw the gorgeous low pockets with the Jalie, the Drop Pocket Cardigan was my pattern of choice; and bonus that Jalie patterns go from girls to women’s! That means mama gets a cardi for bus/school runs.

I used soft French Terry for this piece, floral from Pretty Posh Prints for the main outer, and solid burgundy from Raspberry Creek Fabrics for the pocket accent. The cardigan is made by using double front pieces and folding them back to form a pocket; I loved the construction idea and end appearance. This is one of our favorite cardigans to-date.

Phat Quarters: School Bus Fabric
Sew By Pattern Pieces: Sunshine Tunic

school bus sunshine tunic 9

As part of the back-to-school tour, I was eager to use my amazing school bus knit fabric from Phat Quarters. My girls were gaga over it from the moment they saw it.

And although Sew By Pattern Pieces isn’t an official sponsor of the tour, I knew the Sunshine Tunic would be the perfect pattern to use to make this a staple in her Kinder closet. The pattern released only recently, and we have 3 of these tunics already in the closet. It has a beautiful hi-low, fantastic fit through the arms and bodice, and on-point neckline. And it also comes with color-blocking pieces to actually make the shirt look like a sunshine if desired. I might need to do that for my other daughter with the rest of the school bus fabric and mustard stripes!

School bus sunshine tunic 7  school bus sunshine tunic 8

I hope you enjoyed a peek into just a TINY bit of my back-to-school sewing. There is a great number of seamstresses taking part in the tour, so be sure to make your way through the list below throughout the week!

Happy new school year!!


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Made for Mermaid Chambray Mama Daphne, Including Fall Mods

Made for Mermaids M4M Mama Daphne Dress 2

Some patterns just make you feel at pace in your own skin … this is mine.

I was no new creature to the Mama Daphne. I had oogled it several times, drooled over the beautiful creations, and I even sewed a double brushed poly version as my “solid staple” top for the summer. But I needed a dress.

I was so devoted to finding the correct chambray that I contacted Art Gallery Fabrics for swatches. I wanted to see the beautiful colors in person, to feel the breathability, the softness. I decided on the Cool Foliage for this dress; the greenish hue spoke to me for both summer and the upcoming fall. A little mint pompom trim was my perfect accent.

What I Did Differently

Made for Mermaids M4M Mama Daphne Dress 3

Flounce + Sleeve Combo

I knew I wanted flounce, but I also wanted sleeves. I didn’t want my underarm to be free to the air, especially since I couldn’t part with this dress come fall. I cut all pieces out and realized that the flounce is designed much larger than the neckline. To make this work, I simply cut down my flounce to be the same width as the neck opening.

  1. I sewed the top of the dress together without the flounce.
  2. I narrowed my flounce pieces to be the same width as the neck opening and then sewed them (the flounce pieces) together.
  3. I laid the flounce over the neck opening just as you see it (with the wrong side of the flounce against the right side of the dress). I serged the flounce to the neck opening at the raw edges so that this would now function as one piece. If you don’t own a serger, you could simply use a zigzag stitch over the raw edge.
  4. I created my neck casing by folding down that serged edge just once (to decrease bulk) and stitching just above the serged line.

Waistband Elastic

The next modification I made was the size of my waistband elastic. When I cut according to the measurement chart, I could feel that the elastic would be very snug against my skin. I wanted a slightly looser fit so that I’d be very comfortable in this dress. So,

I simply wrapped my elastic around my waist where it felt comfortable, and snipped there.

The end result? Love! I just want to curl up, read a good magazine out on the porch, and soak in this beautiful weather!


Disclaimer: The pattern links in this post are affiliate links. I am affiliated with most of the pattern companies I test for, and this in no way shapes my response or promotion. I only test for companies I respect and only share patterns I adore!



Petite Stitchery Feature Friday: Clover Boho Tunic and Dress

Clover Tunic Hi-Low Brielle 6 Clover Tunic Hi-Low Brielle 5


Petite Stitchery & Co. is kicking off their first Feature Friday (+sale!) with one of my favorite Boho patterns: the Clover Tunic and Dress.

I sewed this sweet long-sleeve version of the Clover in February when it released and knew I’d be revisiting it soon to make the hi-low! The pattern comes in both dress and tunic version with tiers (below) or ruffled hi-low construction (above). The sleeves can be made with elastic for a bubble look (shown below) or left hemmed for more flow (shown above). I love how different the looks are with the same pattern!

Clover Tunic Hi-Low Brielle 8

Now…back to my spring version. Swoon.

As my daughter rounded age 4, I knew leggings and little shirts just wouldn’t cut it any longer. Her body was moving from the baby stage to a little girl. I’ve since been sewing more dresses and longer tunics for her wardrobe (baby girl’s almost 5!). I love that this tunic option has a high front and low back. Not only is it stylish, but it adds ample coverage–even when the wind is whirling its pipes!

For 48 hours only the Clover will be on sale for $5 — so grab this boho beauty HERE.

Clover Tunic Hi-Low Brielle 1


For both styles in this post, I used premium cotton from Art Gallery Fabrics (collections: Utopia by Frances Newcombe, Sage by Bari, J, and Emmy Grace by Bari J). You can find a limited selection (I sew it way more than I sell it!) in my Etsy shop. For a wider selection, you can visit Phat Quarters who carries a fantastic array of wovens and knits.

TASSEL NECKLACE – The gorgeous boho leather necklace is from Michigan crafters at AliJane and Company! I simply adore their style.

Now…go have fun and SEW your Clover!!! 😀

Be sure to share in the Petite Stitchery & Co. Facebook group!

Clover Tunic Hi-Low Brielle 9

Baby Canyon Romper by Striped Swallow Designs

Daphne Canyon Romper 11.jpg

There’s something just too perfect about seeing a baby in a romper–the exposed leg rolls and arm dimples…or their little backs ready to soak in the sun.

Daphne Canyon Romper 12

Striped Swallow Designs has just released this precious boho-vibed romper that comes in size newborn to 2T, called the Canyon Romper. The bloomer-style bottom and the crossed back straps just take my mama breath away.

Seams in the pattern are fully enclosed, giving the garment a beautiful, professional finish. The top bodice and bloomer piece are sewn together, allowing for fringe, poms, or other detailing along that “v.” I even separated the top bodice into three sections in order to use one of my letters from the Art Gallery Joyeux Alphabet fabric (part of the Joie de Vivre line by Bari J.) as a panel and paired it with Stitched Diamant Verve purple diamond fabric from the same Art Gallery line. To accent the bodice and bloomer sections and to give the romper a modern boho feel, I used a brown suede fringe trim.

I chose the crossed-back button style for this romper, and the pattern also includes a halter neck-tie option. Both fit and look beautiful on the testers.

I mean, I could stare at these little backs and bloomers all summer long!!

Daphne Canyon Romper 14

But they’ll see us looking 😉

Canyon Romper NB-2T Pattern Link <——– Pattern Here

The Petite Stitchery & Co. Boho Collection Day 2 Sneak: The Laurel Dress

I typically like to test a pattern every week; but with this collection, I was waving my hands in the air to test every couple of days. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out each new beauty! The sneak for today is the Laurel Dress by Petite Stitchery & Co.

The official release is Thursday, February 23rd at 3 p.m. CST. The pattern will be available HERE on the Petite Stitchery & Co. Website.

The pattern is for a knit dress or tunic style with a “v” or round neckband, cuffed sleeves, and cascading ruffle detail. The front-curved bodice is nicely fitted with a skirted bottom. I sewed the “v” neck with short sleeves and used woven pima cotton for my ruffle (knit is also an option).

Everything about this screamed “free!”


I love how versatile the patterns in this collection are; they can be made true “Boho” or elegant with lace fabrics. There are so many styles; be sure to check out other sneak peeks from the Petite Stitchery & Co. Facebook Group HERE.


Front winter till spring, dance free, sweet child!




The Ficus Cardigan + Sybil Skirt = Peplum Spring


The women’s Ficus Cardigan from Sew Like My Mom is now live!

After sewing the child version (Fern, shown below), I knew the women’s version would be a perfect spring sew!


The back of the cardigan is a beautiful peplum; I used a burgundy/wine French Terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics for my mama Ficus. The medium weight and soft drape of the fabric was a great combo. for this style:

The pattern is on sale for $8 through Wednesday, February 22nd (normally $10) and is also available in a Mommy/Me Bundle. Find the patterns HERE.

I paired the Ficus with the Love Notions’ incredible Sybil Illusion Skirt with a dropped yoke. The single skirt pattern comes with seven (7) completely different variations! This dropped yoke is my new favorite; the banded top (no closures!) is so comfortable, and the low sing adds the perfect silhouette!

I used the new Acqua Di Rose Boho fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics, available at Kutti Couture on Etsy.


With these gorgeous patterns, I’m well on my way to a fashionable and comfortable spring (and a bold Easter)!


Women’s Constance Dress by Sew A Little Seam: Tester Round Up

In the tester world, it’s a pretty rare occurrence when the pattern creator pretty much nails the pattern with the first version. Kelly Ballou from Sew A Little Seam sure delivered the goods with this pattern!

The new women’s Constance is the mama version of this wonderful child pattern:

both are part of the Meaningfully Made collection, which means 100% of the proceeds are going to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation – MMRF.


I knew with spring around the corner that I wanted to sew a short-sleeve dress version and a go-to hooded dress version.


For my short-sleeved version, I used my new favorite Art Gallery Fabric on the front called “Philosopher’s Thoughts.” It exemplifies our connection to nature, that “Simplicity is the greatest sophistication;” I hang on every word and could read this daily as my mantra. So, I wrapped myself in it along with grey double brushed poly as the back and bands from Knitpop. It’s heavenly cozy and won’t be in my closet often (because it will be on ME).

For the test, I measured at size 0/2 and sewed between 0/2 and 4/6 to get the slightly looser look throughout the body here.


For my second version, I used Knitpop’s striped brushed poly and floral French Terry along with a beautiful solid pink French Terry fabric from NR Fabrics. I accented the pocket and hood lining with stripes for a modern flair.


For this version, I sewed the more fitted 0/2, and I love this style as well!


It was perfect for this breezy (and still snowy) day and will be perfect for our spring and summer nights!

This pattern comes in top, tunic, or dress length; and each has it’s own look. The dress style will definitely be my go-to for spring and summer, and I’ll be heading toward tunics and tops come fall.

The pattern is available for just $4 (no code needed!) HERE.

Find the Sew A Little Seam Facebook group HERE.

Shop for Art Gallery knits and premium cottons on my Etsy shop Kutti Couture.

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