“Fins to the Left” – The New Shark Bite Pattern


“Fins to the left; fins to the right, and you’re the only girl in town.” – Jimmy Buffett

One of my favorite parts of the sewing process is seeing my girls’ responses when I hand over the new creations. This one was a sure win, which I’m sure you can tell from those sweet little poses from my Little Miss. She definitely feels like the “only girl in town.” (Disclaimer: I don’t say anything during photo shoots with my girls except things like, “Okay, let me see the side! Yay, now the back!”)

So when they “come to life,” it’s the pattern and fabric working!!

This new pattern from Ellie and Mac is called the girls’ “Shark Bite.” The front and back can be solid or color-blocked. My daughter chose a floral and stripe combination from Sly Fox Fabrics (in brushed poly). I adore how it came together!

Part of the feature of the Shark Bite is a higher front curve and points at the side. I appreciate that the front doesn’t show the belly even with play (shown above); so it’s both stylish and functional.

DSC_0657  Here is a look at the side view. 💞

One of my favorite things about Ellie and Mac (in addition to their quality patterns) is that patterns are only $3.85 during the release sale and very reasonable after. I always appreciate a budget-friendly + fashionable company!

DSC_0666          DSC_0665


Sugar Pea Meets Bitty Bee

Many are familiar with the George and Ginger Swagger Sweater. The women’s version is still over at G&G, and the girls’ version is now rebranded at Goober Pea Designs as the Sugar Pea! With the rebranding also came added dress sizes (eep!) and baby sizes. Adrienne at Goober Pea did such an awesome job with this pattern; and it’s at the top of my list right now for summer sews and baby shower gifts!

DSC_0796  DSC_0866

The Pattern

Two of my favorite elements of this tunic are the skirt pieces and that split front. There are so many gorgeous ways to use the design. The pattern itself is meant to be fitted through the torso. Above, the left image is with accurate fit per the pattern, and the right version is sized up to give my other daughter a more relaxed fit.


The Fabric

I knew the fit of the pattern would already be pretty spot on since the pattern was thoroughly tested in the past, so I had fun dreaming up all of the fabric combinations I could play with. Bitty Bee Fabrics’ upcoming pre-order round was perfect for a tropical/summery theme! I used custom brushed poly (super super soft with a great weight) in scales and mermaids, and it draped nicely on the skirt pieces.

DSC_0794 DSC_0873

*In the photos above, you can see what the fabric might look like hemmed (left) versus raw (right). I love both for different reasons. The unhemmed seems/feels lighter and more fluid, but I actually like the look of the hemmed a bit more; it bounces up!

DSC_0799 DSC_0797

The pattern is on sale for 40% off now through February 22nd, no code needed, so you can grab it Here on Etsy or Here on their website. And you can browse all of the beautiful Bitty Bee Fabrics Here (mermaid and scales coming soon to the next pre-order). Enjoy making all of the sweetest Sugar Peas!


Boho Valentine with Petite Stitchery & Sly Fox Fabrics

DSC_0752 I became a seamstress for my girls–so that I could make them sweet creations and they could eventually choose their fashion styles and fabrics. Otherwise, we were strictly clearance-rack shoppers and had no desire for anything different. Y’all are laughing at me now, thinking how I spend way more in fabric alone than clearance prices–but my seamstress community will know the joyful art of creation. 😀 It’s something special.

My sewing machine geared up when this little gal was in the womb. I knew we’d get there one day–where she would have her own fashion aspirations…and we’ve arrived! She loves choosing fabric and styles, and today she chose a sweet pairing from Petite Stitchery patterns and Sly Fox Fabrics!



The Pattern

I actually chose a woven pattern for this creation. My sweet girl loves the boho style, so a couple of our go-tos are the Hazel and Clover from Petite Stitchery & Co. The Clover has an incredible hi-low option, so we chose to make it in knit with a neckband. It was just what she was hoping for!

The Fabric

The winner for our boho Valentine style was this incredible floral from Sly Fox Fabrics. It’s a soft brushed poly, which gives the ruffles great drape and is buttery soft against the skin.



Needless to say… we’re in love with this style.



Styling Particulars

Shoes: Handmade sandals from The Humble Soles

Wrap Bracelet: Handmade by Weave Tassy (Use code RJENNIFER15 for 15% off)

Succulents (they have a true place in my heart!): Our local greenhouse

Instagram-Style Easter with Bitty Bee Fabrics and Petite Stitchery



“Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart.”

-Winnie the Pooh






With plans to be in India for Easter but lagging travel documents from the consulate, we decided to we’d better not wait to sew our Easter dresses…especially if we have a plane to board at the last minute! And as all the beauty in the world would have it, this most perfect carrot fabric came in the mail, just waiting and ready for the celebration!


Fabric: The moment I saw these sweet carrots, my mind was overjoyed with Instagramy/vintagey inspiration. This print is on pre-order at Bitty Bee Fabrics, and it is unlike any Easter/spring fabric I’ve come across. The orange carrots fall softly against the watercolored grey hues in the background. It’s perfectly sweet and simple. And the custom brushed poly base is even more buttery soft than other brushed polys I’ve sewn–making me so happy that it could be hugging my little bunny’s skin.

DSC_0732  DSC_0718

Patterns: The patterns I used for this dress are the Petite Stitchery Juliet Leotard for the bodice (with facing rather than lined) and Hazel Boho Blouse for the sleeves and skirt (lengthened to a dress). This mash allowed for a fitted, scooped-back bodice with the added charm of the boho collection.

If you’re not part of their Facebook groups, you can find Bitty Bee Here and Petite Stitchery Here.

DSC_0720  DSC_0709  DSC_0708DSC_0712  DSC_0713

Styling Particulars

We love all of our details and accessories that help moments come alive. In these photos, there are a few key pieces that we thought you might like to know more about:
Shoes: We love our #HumbleSoles. These are the Lucas Sandals.

Purse: This is a genuine piece passed down from my childhood. I simply adore it.

Faux Fur Bench: You can see all about my recovering project Here; I grabbed this faux fur from Sly Fox Fabrics; and it’s been the sweetest addition to our home and our photo shoots.

On Instagram? Come follow along @kutti_couture

Elevate Your Style with The New PS&Co “Rose” Pullover


I’m not extremely adventurous with my fashion. So flared sleeves and a velvety fabric combination surprised even me! But wow–am I in love with the new Rose Pullover! And I’ve worn this an unspeakable number of days already 😆

When I ordered the vintage olive (a luxurious terry) and Parisian gray (crushed velvet) fabrics from Sly Fox, I had very different things in mind. But when I saw them together in my box, I neeeeded to keep them together. The color-blocking on the new PS&Co pullover allows for a split front/back or solid versions (or solid/split combo). I chose split color-blocking on both front and back to showcase the fabrics together.


One of my “minis” is a fashion diva, so it was super exciting to make a matching set for the two of us. She loves everything velvety and sparkly.




The Cowl Hoodie

The hoodie also has an amazingly large cowl hood. It’s one of my favorite features (the others are the color-blocking and the sleeves…so basically, the entire garment!!)

DSC_0528-2  DSC_0521

And worn down, the cowl hood is a gorgeous “cowl.” Lined in crushed velvet, this gives me all the heart eyes!


DSC_0528   DSC_0505

You can grab your Petite Stitchery & Co. exclusive pull over on sale for $7 during release (ends midnight on Monday, Jan 22nd). I’m already picturing this hoodie as my travel (airline) hoodie; and I plan to make another one for a beach/swimsuit cover-up!

DSC_0494 DSC_0480

Enjoy! And be sure to share your creations on the Petite Stitchery & Co. Facebook Fan Group Page.

The Juliet Leotard – Where Have You Been All Our Lives?


Grace. Unconfined Joy. “Happy Dances.” … These all lead to our need for leotards 😉

My girls may not be in formal dance or gymnastics classes–but they are dancers and gymnasts daily.

One of my daughters has worn a swimsuit or leotard throughout our entire Michigan winters (indoor, of course).

So the new Juliet leo will be in constant rotation in our little-girl household. We absolutely love it.




The Fit:

The graceful back scoop and fit that stays up on the shoulders is perfect for my girls’ house twirling and for full-day outfit wear. I made the longsleeve version with ruffle sleeve detail. The fit through the bodice and crotch were great (including diaper), and I chose the band option for the legs because my girls prefer that to elastic.

DSC_0260  DSC_0247

This was my little one’s Christmas outfit this year!

I made the leo from a brushed poly floral from Knitpop; and the skirt is the free Petite Stitchery Sassy Skirt (code in their fan group), made with stretch velvet from Sly Fox Fabrics. Whew–those were a lot of details…but the little details sure helped everything come together!

Now let’s get a glimpse of just the Leo:


She just loves having a leo like her big sisters!



The pattern is on sale during release week for $7 (regularly $8.50) at Petite Stitchery. And it comes in both BABY and GIRL sizes.

DSC_0255  DSC_0264  DSC_0254

DSC_0235 DSC_0232  DSC_0233


Deer Creek Dress + Snowflakes = Little Girl Winter Princess Attire


Christmas may be over, but winter is in full bloom in our little haven within Michigan. The problem is, my girls have been wearing sleeveless “princess’ dresses and tutus for the last 1-2 months. Thank goodness for a warm fireplace!

To satisfy my girls’ princess spirits, I’ve been on a mission to marry fabric and patterns that work perfectly together. This one is a Frozen-inspired snowflake dress!

Pattern: I used the girls’ Deer Creek dress from New Horizons Designs. This was a no-brainer since I loved my women’s version of the Deer Creek so much and had been itching to make my girls some.

Fabric: Custom snowflake brushed poly from Knitpop. The design works perfectly all winter long and emits such a cozy and glorious joyfulness that winter brings.

DSC_0368  DSC_0367

The pattern comes in tunic and dress length, and I chose “dress.” My girls lack long-sleeve dresses, so I will be working ahead for next year to make sure we overcome that shortage! The pattern also has a straight or curved hem; and I have all the heart eyes for curves–so curved it is!


There’s even a slight hi-low, which just makes me super happy! Especially with tunic length, the extra length in the back is not only stylish but also modest–which I love! And for this creation, I just love how the snowflakes cascade down the dress ❤

The sleeve is also a dolman or dropped shoulder, which adds another fun element. For those who haven’t sewn dolmans, they are easy to color-block, front + back.DSC_0373











Finally, my two favorite elements of this dress: the elastic waist and the pockets!

The elastic waist helps add definition and showcase correct “fit” even with a looser style.

…And the pockets… well..pockets!!! They’re perfect for keeping cold hands warm AND for collecting all of the treasures a little one could possibly find. You know…the important things like scraps of fabric, pebbles, pieces of receipts… Is anything not a treasure to a little one??


I sure love this “marriage” of the Deer Creek pattern and Knitpop snowflake fabric. I’ve already had several requests for more; so I better end this post and get sewing!

Enjoy such a lovely day!!


India Travel Sewing: Pattern 1


As we eagerly prepare for our next trip to India, I’ll be sharing a series of posts devoted to the garments we’ll be taking with us!

With winter months heavily upon us, summer clothing for the trip will definitely be needed for my 3 girls…so why not make it fun?!

Let’s start with the first one for my itty bitty: The Sew By Pattern Pieces Sunshine Tee



Design: This tee comes in various sleeve lengths, gentle hi-low, and plain or “sun ray” bodice. I’ve sewn the plain before (and love it) and wanted something extra fancy/fun for our trip to such a beautifully sunny country. I love how the design is already wonderfully thought-out, and I just have to add the fabric combos to make the sun and rays!

Fabric: I used a custom travel fabric and airplane panel from Bitty Bee Fabrics to make our perfect travel getaway outfit. My daughter of course needed her travel books, purse, and sunglasses to go with it!

DSC_0907  DSC_0906

How cute is the airplane for the “sunshine?!” I love it!

DSC_0904 DSC_0903

She’s so ready!!

Well…almost. She has to brush up a bit on her Tamil first 😉


One top complete… many more to come!!

DSC_0895  DSC_0891     DSC_0893


Piano Bench Transformation with Faux Fur – Budget Friendly


My heart is so full now that I have a budget-friendly faux fur piano cover and my succulents nearby! This was a sweet little transformation for my home that cost next to nothing.

I’ve swooned over the Instagram faux fur benches shared, typically with faux fur rugs on top. Those rugs can be quite $$$. So when I came across luxurious (seriously!) faux fur from Sly Fox Fabrics, I had to grab a yard and see what it could do.

And you want to know the best part? 1/2 yard would have been plenty! And it’s only $8.85. But trust me…grab a full yard…because you’ll suddenly get 10 other ideas once you’ve created one!

The Process

My process was very much like this bassinet tutorial. Rather than cutting squares out of the corners like a regular fitted sheet tutorial, I decided that this curved edge method would do the trick since I really just needed a very simple cover for my bench. I did the following:

  • flipped my faux fur to the wrong side for easy cutting
  • cut a rectangle larger than my piano bench (taking into consideration the depth of the bench as well)
  • cut curved edges on each corner (really just winged it)
  • serged the outer edges, sewing from the wrong side of the fabric for ease.
  • Rather than creating a casing, I simply zigzag stitched the 1/4” elastic directly to the wrong side of the fabric near the seam, pulling as I sewed. No one will see the underside of my bench, so it worked perfectly!

Here’s the photo in antique-inspired lighting. It gives me all the feels.


But what’s even better…?

DSC_0205 copy-2

Adding some sweethearts to enjoy the bench! It became an immediate hit.

DSC_0210  DSC_0206

And that hat? Store-bought. But wouldn’t it be so sweet homemade in faux fur? The ideas are endless!

Enjoy creating, and be sure to share with me your new creations!


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