Women’s Retro Running Shorts and Tank Sewing Patterns – Little Lizard King

Sewing your own wardrobe can be super fun and rewarding.

When I started sewing, testing sewing patterns for companies became one of the most valuable “teachers” in the community. Having a timetable assured that I’d be sewing that week, and I was able to try new tactics along the way. Nine years later, I still love jumping in on pattern tests for the same reasons. Sometimes I have fabrics just sitting there, waiting to be sewn up. Sometimes I see a valid “hole” in my wardrobe (i.e. not a single pair of shorts or yoga clothes, etc.), and testing is the most wonderful way for me to jump in and be part of the community I love! Lately, Little Lizard King has caught my eye with patterns I truly want to see in my minimal closet. And when I saw the cutest Alba shorts, I knew they’d fill a gap in my wardrobe…allowing for yoga wear, running gear, and around-the-house clothing. And paired with the Houston tank–perfection!


Alba Shorts

The Alba shorts have that cute retro vibe with the accented binding and short shorts factor. They come together smoothly with everything nicely finished–and I love the optional grommet and drawstring option. Anytime I can add a drawstring, I’m on it!


Houston Tank

I’m a big fan of binding these days, so I absolutely love that binding is part of the Houston Tank. It looks polished, doesn’t bubble up, and the curved hem is just long enough to do a cute little knot, if desired. The back curves slightly in without being a super thin racerback.

DSC_0166  DSC_0160

I didn’t get a final photo of the curved hem on the tank, but here is a dirty-mirror tester selfie for you to see the actual hem:



Naturals is a must for my wardrobe, and I’ve found some great natural-fiber fabrics for my projects from Boho Fabrics. My Alba shorts are made from my favorite Cotton Lycra French Terry (if you search CLFT via the Boho website, you’ll find them!), and the binding and Houston Tank are made from heather grey cotton lycra. It’s all very breathable and perfect for my favorite projects: yoga, gardening, outdoor activities, jogging, etc.

DSC_0154 DSC_0171 DSC_0156

So whether it’s for you or your envious nieces (believe me…the flood of family teenage and twenty-something heart-eyes came my way when I posted my set), I highly recommend sewing up (and living in) Alba and Houston. I’d say both patterns are suitable for a motivated beginner.

DSC_0149 DSC_0151 DSC_0164

H.a.p.p.y  S.e.w.i.n.g

xo! Jennifer





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