That Tank + Neckline We’ve Been Looking For: PDF Sewing Pattern


Phat Quarters just released the Catalina Tank and Dress–and it has that vibe I’ve been looking to sew for years (yes…years). I remember snapping a picture years ago of the short turtleneck-like neckline with the tank attached….and thought I’d get around to figuring it out at some point. But that “some point” never came until Phat Quarters announced the new style…coming to save us all! There aren’t buttons or zippers along the back; this is a knit pattern, so the neck opening just pops right over, and Voilá! –we’re ready for summer!


Let’s Talk about Those Lines

Can we, though? Let’s talk about those gorgeous raglan-sleeve lines! The top actually has sleeve options (including cap and bishop!) and high neckline options (without turtleneck)…along with the shorter and taller turtleneck options. This was the only version I sewed (and I made two because I love it so much). What gets me is the raglan tank line. It’s Beautiful! I truly think I could have a few colors of just this tank in my summer wardrobe and be quite content.




Fabric Choice

My sparrow tank is made from organic interlock from Birch Fabrics. It has enough stretch to work, and I love the feel!




I also made a solid black version…made with plain ole cotton spandex (the best, right?!) and decided to add a gorgeous appliqué I received FREE with a previous order from Boho Fabrics. If you haven’t ordered from Boho before, they sneak in little surprises. I’m on a mission to use every single one of those magical gifts!


The Back

And yes…the back of the tank is just as good as the front! So….good.


So while we’re all cooped up in quarantine, it’s a perfect time to think spring (or head right in your mind to summer!) and create some intentional, sustainable tops and dresses. The Catalina gets my seal of approval for a very wise and versatile sewing pattern! You can take a look at ALL of the options HERE.

Happy sewing. Keep well; and be sure to sew-cialize through these tough isolation periods. {Hugs}! Jennifer



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