Stretch Lace Over Cotton Spandex = Dressed-Up Comfort!


Stretch lace is gorgeous on its own! I love how it looks with skin underneath–beautiful and breezy. But with spring around the corner, and the need for layering essentials, I decided I must try a combination with a fabric that almost everyone has on hand: solid cotton spandex.

This beautiful blue lace stocks today at Boho Fabrics (a big go-to fabric supplier for me!); and when I saw the Islington top release at Little Lizard King–with the gorgeous binding instead of neckband, I knew it was a winner!

I used a cornflower blue organic cotton spandex from Birch Fabrics as my on-skin layer, so this is truly a comfort piece while being a dressy or casual piece that will get loads of use in my wardrobe.

Layering with Stretch Lace

One method of using a stretch overlay is simply to line the top. This would have meant no arm or neck binding; and that’s usually a method I love. Do you know the itch, though??…when you just want something very specific…or want to try something different? I didn’t want to line this one. Quite honestly, I’m a bit tired of neckbands and how they start to flop over time, making a beautiful piece slowly lose its value. So when I saw the LLK design–and how beautiful the fit looked on every sized model, I wanted to create the pattern as-written but with the extra layer of lace.

To do this without having the lace shift or be looser than the beneath layer (I’ve seen some overlays-gone-wrong in my time), I decided to take the extra step and zigzag stitch my layers together before beginning (around all edges, including the hem). I even stitched the lace down on the binding pieces as well. This way, I was essentially working with “one” piece instead of two, drastically decreasing my margin of error and chances of increasing bulk on those little binding details. I wanted everything smooth and as flat/together as possible.



And the rest is easy breezy! The pattern comes together beautifully. The fit is spot on per measurements (I sewed the 0 bust to 2 waist/hip), and viola!–I have a tank that I can wear in a gazillion ways.


So–the verdict? I’d definitely recommend making some lace-topped tanks for your rear-round, functional closet! 🙌

Until next time! xoxo! Jennifer



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