New Year, Healthy Mindset + Sewing


Cheers to a most wonderful new chapter of your life’s journey, your life’s story…and the calendar’s decade! You are here, in the now. And as you contemplate how you’d like to move forward today, new sews and new adventures are probably among your list of hopeful accomplishments for 2020.

I’ve never been one to set resolutions for a new year. Instead, I try to actively enact change in any given moment throughout any point within any day, week, or year. However, here we are–at a fresh start of a beautifully balanced 20-20…and how can we not contemplate our “vision” for what we’ve known to be “perfect vision” (2020, right?)?? 😉
So…as the workout gear fills our screens, I leave you with, “Be gentle to your body. Be kind. Fill yourself with meditative grace. Sew what helps your body breathe…and your mind release.”

My outfit today is the New Horizon’s Lanai Loungers made of soft Cotton Spandex French Terry (breathable to our skin and a biodegradable kiss to our planet) from Boho Fabrics and an organic cotton top I drafted from a vintage sweatshirt.

It feels like an intentional hug to my body.


Loungers Options

The Lanai Loungers were drafted with both wovens and knits in mind. I made mine from knit French Terry and chose the fitted leg option with elastic ankle. I love this relaxed “jogger” style. Many jogger patterns are fitted leg; so when I saw these “loungers,” that was much more the vision I had for the pants I’d be wearing often …  for sewing, home needs, yoga, etc. They’re loose through the leg but have that secured ankle to stay in place.

I also chose the drawstring option because it finishes them so nicely, adding a professional and functional element.

And, you know…. pockets. 😉

DSC_0636 . DSC_0628

Today, I wish you the I wish you a most beautiful new beginning, filled with intentional sews that make your heart happy, your wallet still full, and the world a bit cleaner. I adore you. xoxo

DSC_0634 DSC_0639


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