Gala Gown Is In Town

DSC_0224 Patterns for Pirates just released this year’s hot-ticket holiday pattern: the Gala Gown.

When I saw this dress go up for testing, I hopped in at the earliest moment. I wanted to see if the low-cut “v” could be flattering on a very small-chested body (the verdict was a resounding yes!), and I was giddy over some main elements this dress has to offer: 1. the princess seam bodice and 2. the dress length options (you better bet that I’m sewing a long version next!!).



Whether you’re a beginner or advanced seamstress, there’s plenty to love on with this pattern! It goes together {so super} smoothly, making it a beautiful pattern for seamstresses of all skill levels. The largest chunk of your time will be taken on the pattern printing and fabric cutting. The rest is therapeutic!


I chose a berry/burgundy liverpool for a classy yet very functional dress that will serve me through the holidays and then year-round for events. This particular liverpool has a nice hand and soft texture. It’s been in my stash for a while, and I cannot remember my source…but some great places to check would be Boho Fabrics, Knitpop, and Sly Fox Fabrics. Some other great fabric types to look out for are ponte and scuba along with good ole cotton spandex for more casual styles!

High/Low V-Necklines

The Gala Gown offers options for both high and low necklines; and you’re able to mix-and-match between front and back. I chose a low-cut front (I bought a special bra that connects really low and cups are further apart) and high-v back (a regular bra can be worn). I found every tester version to be so stunning and perfect. You can’t go wrong (so make them all!).



And, of course, friends… it twirls.

DSC_0235   DSC_0200

As always, thank you to the wonderful PDF companies and testers who devote their time and talent into bringing such incredible designs to our sewing community! This is a pattern I already have a handful of visions for; and that alone speaks volumes {versatility + usability + wonderful fit = a whole lot of gratitude!}.

Check out the Gala Gown Roundup HERE!







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