A Staple Cardigan – The Girls’ Tanacross


If you’ve been following my feed or my shop lately, you’ll see that I’ve turned a lot to solids and wardrobe staples. While my girls still love splashes of design here or there, they’re just as game for their minimalist wardrobe as I am! And I’m loving it! So when I considered patterns for the staple cardigan (which we use SO often in Michigan with our fluctuating weather), I turned to the Tanacross from New Horizons Designs — because it’s my favorite in women’s sizes as well.



The Tanacross  has a beautiful cascading drape in the front that I love. The construction is simple; and most of the work is just a simple hem that covers the back, sides, and around the neck of the cardigan. It’s a good amount of hemming, but it’s so worth it. It saves fabric not to line, and the result is gorgeous!

Across the back is straight; so I love how the major design elements are in front focus while offering a crisp/clean back hemline.



I used solid organic cotton spandex interlock from Birch Fabrics, which has a nice thickness, breathability, and a 2-way stretch. It’s perfect for this project, and a myriad of cotton spandex or French terry’s would work very well. My first choice for this was a 2-way stretch to hold the shape and drape well.

DSC_0871  DSC_0868

Capsule Usability

Cardigans are obviously a staple in fall; but in places like Michigan, we definitely love cardigans for summer beach nights, spring nights, during fall, and while exploring in the summer (for bug protection). So this truly is a year-round staple for us! I specifically chose the Tanacross for its myriad of design elements. The sleeves have a wonderful relaxed (not too tight, not too loose) fit, which allows for short sleeves under without looking sloppy. I also love that the front is draped and can add extra warmth when needed and elevated style over dresses while also pairing beautifully with jeans and tees.

DSC_0866  DSC_0843


Because the pattern is beginner-friendly and straightforward, the only real tip I have to share is on the hem. Although this is a knit pattern, so a stretch stitch is typically recommended, I use a straight stitch for my hem since the hem is in a place that won’t be pulled or stretched. I don’t use my overstitch or double need on this, because I don’t want the loops to be visible on the inside. I use about a 3 stitch length for reference.

You can find the Tanacross pattern here or the discounted women’s/girls’ bundle here.

DSC_0840  Tanacross 4



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