Indian Style – Ghagra Choli Inspiration Sew


I’ve been missing my family in India like crazy! For those who have close family on opposite sides of the world, you hear me. With Mother’s Day coming up, I even tried my hand at a bit of written Tamil, my MIL’s Mother Tongue:


And when the most beautiful lace specialty fabric from Boho Fabrics arrived in my mailbox, it looked just like an ornate Indian sari! I wished I had ordered 7 yards so I could just wrap it around me! I decided that it must become an Indian dress. And I really wanted to challenge myself to make one for me.

DSC_0895         DSC_0901

I decided to look up some ghagra choli inspiration to get my wheels turning. The fabric is a double border, so I was able to include the beautiful border on both the top and bottom. This fabric, btw, stocks on May 10th; you won’t want to miss it!

Top: For my woven crop top, I did try finding a pattern…but after not having much success, I decided to use my very first tailor-made top from India as a basic idea for sizing. I opted for a square front and back, with slightly lower scoop in the back. I lined the whole thing (top and skirt) in one of my Mother-in-Law’s silky saris. It feels magnificent, and I feel like I’m carrying a piece of her with me.


Skirt: For the skirt, I did include a zipper at the side, but I didn’t use a pattern (just a basic a-line shape with more flare at the bottom). If I would have had another 2 yards, I would have tried a tighter skirt top with a circle skirt attached. But I love (x 1,000%) the end result. If you’d like a similar skirt to work with, you could try the free woven zippered skirt (beginner friendly) by See Kate Sew. You’d just extend the bottom as desired and adjust for your own sizing. The pattern gives a visual, though, of a great starter skirt!


Accessories: I’m such a sap, so in these photos, I have on my wedding earrings and necklace and bangles from my first and most recent trips to India (mixed them throughout).


DSC_0903  DSC_0898  DSC_0895  DSC_0894



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