P4P Sporty Piko


Ohhh yes! Have you been searching for this style too? I run a little clothing line, Lifecycle Apparel, and I’ve been looking for the perfect cropped hoodie with drawstring bottom. It’s trendy; it’s comfortable; it’s perfect for beach days (we’re in the Great Lake state of Michigan) and yoga (bring me all the serenity and calm!) … and after a few months of searching, Patterns for Pirates magically brought this hoodie right to my inbox! Called the Sporty Piko, there are drawstring and traditional hem options for the cropped style AND there is a tunic style option (HUGE to allow for different confidence levels, style preferences, and helpful to create a variety of looks.


DSC_0038  DSC_0035  DSC_0033

We’re not even really into spring yet here in Michigan, and my wardrobe is looking fantastic! I used a lightweight loopy cotton-based Terry (think summer robes) from Boho Fabrics, and it’s just what I’ve dreamed of.

DSC_0031  DSC_0030  DSC_0026DSC_0028-2

Have I worn crop styles before? Not really. But I knew it was an addition I wanted–especially with all of my high-waisted jeans. The fit also becomes a bit longer when I reduce the tightness of the drawstring… so I love the versatility. Many women also choose to wear a fitted tank under (or throw it over a swimsuit, etc.).


Matching Styles


What I adore about the digital pattern companies like P4P is that many times, matching styles are offered for an array of sizes. The Sporty Piko also comes in kids sizes (happy dance!).

Because I wanted a little extra length but still wanted cropped style for my daughter (ALL the beach days!), I decided to do a short-sleeved, hooded version with regular hem for my almost-7-year-old.

We were 100% in agreement with our colors, which happen to be the beautiful hues of Central Michigan University where I teach (Fire Up Chips!).


DSC_0118  DSC_0089  DSC_0101

ANYTIME we can match, we do. I hope this sticks for life 😉

DSC_0086 So until our beaches warm up, we’ll just be over here exploring the fields …


…and being a bit silly …




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