Sahara Ladies: Scooped Back Twirl Dress

DSC_0902 I hope everyone had the most wonderful holiday! I was “all in” this year with my three little girls (and hubs, of course!). Aside from a little pattern promo here or there to thank the wonderful pattern companies for all they do, we were cookie-making, crafting, party-attending, Christmas caroling, game-playing, Orchestra-twirling, and all-things-Christmas to be had. And when we had those little glimpses between festive activities, I made my party dress 🎀🙌


The Pattern

As quick and lovely as the girls’ Sahara turned out, I knew it’d be a great choice for me. The Ladies version of Bella Sunshine Designs Sahara (HERE) has the same beautiful features–a lined bodice (professional and beautiful finish), a circle skirt (beautiful flow and easy construction), and a gorgeous scooped back:

DSC_0907  DSC_0895


I chose an olive brushed ribbed sweater knit from Boho Fabrics for my dress (link includes a special referral discount). I knew it’d be simple yet classy with the dress design; and let’s be honest–I love all things sweater knit this year.

Important sweater knit tip: One thing to keep in mind with sweater knit is that it “grows.” So I found that while cutting the waist of the circle skirt (the top curve), start by cutting it much smaller than the pattern. This will allow for a better connection to the bodice. If all else fails, your sewn in elastic (if you use it) will help bring the pieces together as well …or you could always gather the skirt waistline if it grows too much.


And as always, it’s twirl – and – fun approved!

DSC_0885  DSC_0884  DSC_0882-3



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