SLPco Ayda Christmas – Unicorn Style


This year, my two older girls had distinct visions of what they wanted to wear for Christmas.

Not surprisingly, my eldest daughter wanted something magical, and that, of course, involved a unicorn floral crown.

I wanted a beautiful dress to go with it–something that made her feel so special. So we went to my fabric collection, and she chose a gorgeous berry velvet. I believe it was from Hobby Lobby and Sly Fox last year; Sly Fox has some gorgeous velvets again this year.



The Pattern

I wanted something quick but stunning; and the SLPco Ayda met all of my requirements! The bodice is lined, so it’s quick to sew the outer and inner bodices; and the entire piece is together before you know it! Plus, it has a cross-over “v” back, which is absolutely captivating. Because of our cold Michigan winters, I followed the instructions to topstitch the layers together on the crossover, which creates more of a faux crossover (or a “v” back neckline). My daughter’s eyes were as wide as could be when she saw the end result. 😍

Plus, it has the best twirl with that circle skirt!!

DSC_0822  DSC_0825

The Crown

Now, if you didn’t already notice, we bought an absolutely fantastic floral unicorn crown to complete her magical holiday style. This is from Lilly’s Lovelies Co. on FB, and I cannot recommend the owner highly enough. Her attention to detail and quality are just out of this world.


And here’s when all the mama-tears came… close ups of my growing/maturing daughter:

DSC_0840  DSC_0839

Merry Merry Christmas!



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