Three Little Witches … Having All The Fun!


What do you do in a world filled with distractions of every shape and size?? Well…you fly away on your magical broom of course 😉

Really, though, we try to take every moment to have fun–and sewing for my girls has been one of the most helpful ways to expand all of our creativity. They choose fabrics, styles; our photoshoots turn into adventures and moments of good-ole play. So with school Halloween parties just around the corner, I decided I better get my sewing on.

Pattern: I chose the Going Home Top/Tunic/Dress from Ellie and Mac (because we’re always in need of more tunics to cover the bum). I love that it’s raglan style (great for color-blocking) and a relaxed fit where it looks nicely fitted without being tight or oversized. I cut tunic length for my two eldest and top length for the littlest.

Fabric: The girls chose a sweet witch Halloween Doodles fabric (JoAnns) from last year paired with striped brushed poly from Sly Fox. I love adding a splash of neutral stripe to just about anything!

DSC_0260  DSC_0269

I should also add that we started a tradition of annual “hang” photos. The girls typically wear their Halloween costumes and hang from bars (with spotters near by for the wee one). They wanted to do a trial run in their witch shirts, so we went for it!


So we’ll just be here…hangin’ out till Halloween 😉🤣








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