Turning P4P Papa Bear Joggers into Euro Swim Shorts


It’s a quick and easy transition to transform the P4P Papa Bear Joggers into swimwear for those Euro-loving men!

This was seamstress Whitney Decker’s genius idea; and when I saw the pair (x10!) that she made for her hubs, I immediately got the stamp of approval from my husband and got sewing!

The concept is very basic: use your guy’s waist measurement for the waistband, and slim down the legs to be fitted (using a 4-5” inseam or as desired). Whitney’s husband measured a “L” waist, and she sewed “XS” legs (and her hubs has big quads). My hubs measured around a “S” waist, and I started by sizing down the “XXS” legs, had him try them on, and then I took out a bit more to make sure they were fitted.


To sew without the need for netting etc., you can sew the outer swim and lining, and just hem them together at the end.

I was in such a rush that I totally forgot to line :O Thank goodness the swim from Raspberry Creek Fabrics was nice and thick; my husband said they’re perfect (and he’s not worried at all that anything would show through…phew!).


And that’s it! They’re easy peasy and my hub’s new favorite swim shorts. His request: “Can you make me at least 3??”



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