“CC Top” Mod to Dress and Tester Link Up

Photo on 12-31-17 at 4.34 PM #5.jpg

Tomorrow is the last chance to grab the “CC Off-The-Shoulder Top” at the $7 release sale price!

Today I’m excited to share with you a simple inspiration–lengthening to a CC Dress!

The idea came from one of my shorter testers who forgot to adjust length (don’t you just love those happy accidents?!).


For New Years, I wanted a comfy CC but also wanted to be a bit dressier–even though I was staying home with hubs and the kids. There’s something about brining in the new year in any way you choose–and I chose a dress!

For the main dress, I used a navy French terry from my stash. To add a bit of glitz/glam, I used a sparkle metallic knit from Sly Fox. It has gorgeous drape.

Photo on 12-31-17 at 4.35 PM



You can imagine that the process is extremely simple. I lengthened mine 7” and viola! The top is already long enough to fit over the bum, so you don’t need to worry about widening it at all–just lengthen. I added the band to the bottom of mine. For a short dress, I could have lengthened just 4”.


I hope you enjoy the little bit of inspiration! And now… for a whole lot of inspiration from testers of both the CC Top and the Fusion Leggings. Here is a full link-up to read about their creations:

CC Off-The-Shoulder Top & Fusion Leggings Tester Bloggers

Erin Bradley (CC) – So You Think You Can Sew

Chris Shapiro (Both) – Sew Journs

Kelsey Jean (Both) – 52 Week Sewing Challenge

Hayley Kirkham (CC) – Margaret Ann’s Creations

Mari Willeman (Fusions) – MNW Sews

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