CC Off-The-Shoulder Top and Fusion Leggings Release!

CC Top Ashley 1.jpgDSC_0154  DSC_0142

In case you missed the news, around October I became a women’s designer for Petite Stitchery & Co. (website HERE). As a way to continue honing my skill, I keep…well…designing! My first pattern was the women’s Adelyn point dress (design concept by Ashley Hermann for the girls’ line; and I knew we needed a mama version!). Then came my baby, the Lulu Dolman Sweater, which encompassed my love for hi-lows and non-batwing dolmans (and long sleeve cuffs!). And now–we have my 3rd and 4th patterns releasing: The CC Off-The-Shoulder Top and the Fusion Leggings. With these 4 patterns, you can get a sense of my style; I love a good fit while being super cozy!

CC Off-The-Shoulder Top

DSC_0165  DSC_0163  DSC_0153

The new CC Top has both large cowl and small cowl options. The large cowl can be worn 4 ways: off-the-shoulder, front-facing cowl, and high-shoulder cowl. The version shown above was made with a premium sweater knit from Sly Fox Fabrics. It’s heavy in weight (truly the warmest sweater I’ve made!) and has a great stretch as well.

And the small cowl is a tubular design. I’ll share with you my tester Shelley Presley: 26114242_10100371087764558_649443666035584762_n She used a cable-type knit from Jo-Anns for this version.

Fabric with a good stretch is needed for off-the-shoulder versions; but if you know you’ll mostly wear a high-cowl (raises my hand!), front-facing, or small cowl, you can also use fabrics with less stretch. The version below is made with a fleece-lined sweater knit from Jo-Anns with hardly any stretch. And yes–those are microsuede ponte Fusion leggings I have on!


DSC_0337  DSC_0332

I also found that French Terry worked beautifully for all CC Top versions (shown above). For this version, I didn’t add the banded bottom and instead hemmed.

Fusion Leggings

DSC_0159  DSC_0142

I designed the Fusion Leggings to be more of a pant-style legging with fabric combos such as thick cotton lycra/spandex and stretch corduroy (shown), yoga knit and stretch velvets. However, they also make for a stunning athletic legging. I’ve loved every version I’ve seen of these. They have a slash, two-tone leg and a curved “v” back waistband.

One of the points of feedback I loved most from my testers was how great the fit was for their body shapes and how flattering they found the back waistband. I love making designs we feel good in!

DSC_0149 DSC_0332

The above left version is cotton spandex (thick quality, probably 14 oz–source unknown) with stretch corduroy from Surge Fabrics. The pair on the right is dreamy yoga fabric (main leg) from Knitpop and stretch faux leather from So Sew English. I love the endless combination with these!

Image-26 (1)

I also made a set for a sweet friend. Her top was a gorgeous boho sweater knit from Jo-Anns paired with Fusion leggings in black yoga knit from Knitpop and black stretch corduroy from Surge Fabrics.

And…it’s nursing friendly!!

Image-30 (1)

Enjoy the release sale! Both patterns are on sale for $7 each (reg. $8.50). Please be sure to share your creations in the Petite Stitchery Facebook Group and use hashtags #PScctop and #PSfusionleggings whenever you share your creations on social media!

Happy sewing! – Jennifer



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