Piano Bench Transformation with Faux Fur – Budget Friendly


My heart is so full now that I have a budget-friendly faux fur piano cover and my succulents nearby! This was a sweet little transformation for my home that cost next to nothing.

I’ve swooned over the Instagram faux fur benches shared, typically with faux fur rugs on top. Those rugs can be quite $$$. So when I came across luxurious (seriously!) faux fur from Sly Fox Fabrics, I had to grab a yard and see what it could do.

And you want to know the best part? 1/2 yard would have been plenty! And it’s only $8.85. But trust me…grab a full yard…because you’ll suddenly get 10 other ideas once you’ve created one!

The Process

My process was very much like this bassinet tutorial. Rather than cutting squares out of the corners like a regular fitted sheet tutorial, I decided that this curved edge method would do the trick since I really just needed a very simple cover for my bench. I did the following:

  • flipped my faux fur to the wrong side for easy cutting
  • cut a rectangle larger than my piano bench (taking into consideration the depth of the bench as well)
  • cut curved edges on each corner (really just winged it)
  • serged the outer edges, sewing from the wrong side of the fabric for ease.
  • Rather than creating a casing, I simply zigzag stitched the 1/4” elastic directly to the wrong side of the fabric near the seam, pulling as I sewed. No one will see the underside of my bench, so it worked perfectly!

Here’s the photo in antique-inspired lighting. It gives me all the feels.


But what’s even better…?

DSC_0205 copy-2

Adding some sweethearts to enjoy the bench! It became an immediate hit.

DSC_0210  DSC_0206

And that hat? Store-bought. But wouldn’t it be so sweet homemade in faux fur? The ideas are endless!

Enjoy creating, and be sure to share with me your new creations!



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