Rory Dress – New Release! Sleek Turtleneck Peplum and Dress


Is it Rory or Rawwwry? 

I didn’t realize the pun until after I sewed, so this is pretty much a match made in heaven.

The Rory Peplum, Skirt, and Dress is Kelly Stevens’s Petite Stitchery debut and such a way to come in hot.

With a very fitted bodice and turtleneck, I find this style sleek, romantic, and something that I want to sew in sparkles for Christmas (that creation is definitely coming!).

And yes–there are options for a peplum and skirt too 


DSC_0793 DSC_0792

For my version, I used brushed poly from Knitpop: solid black for the top of the dress and olive with tigers for the skirt. With my husband’s full family in India and our love for wild cats, this was a creation that needed to happen.


You can get the Rory Dress at release sale price at Petite Stitchery. Be sure to share your creations to the Petite Stitchery Facebook Fan Group and use hashtag #PSRory so we can see all of the gorgeous creations!


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