Men’s Wear: The Emmett Tee Tester Round Up

Laela Jeyne released the Emmett Tee on Friday as part of their fall collection, adding another men’s staple to the mix! If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a glimpse:

Emmett Tee Laela Jeyne 2

I love sewing for my hubby; and aside from hoodies, I’ve stuck with raglans for his wife-made wardrobe. I’m glad that Laela Jeyne designed a well-fitted tee that we can now add as a staple!

The Details

The Emmett is a basic tee (with various sleeve lengths) but also includes polo and henley finishing neck options. My husband measured with a small chest and the low end of medium for waist and hips. He is a very slender guy, so he doesn’t like tees that are too loose. He has nice shoulders and muscles for his build, and the Emmett was a great fit without any alterations (just blending sizes according to the size chart). The tee has a comfortable hang without being too loose or too narrow.

Emmett Tee Laela Jeyne 4

Fabric Choices

This tee works best with cotton spandex, jersey with a bit of stretch, modal blends –anything your guy would love the feel of that has a good stretch and recovery. I used Art Gallery Fabrics’ solid cotton spandex (color “aloe mist”). I had just received a shipment and was surprised at how soft the AGF solids are; so I had to pamper my hubby! He absolutely loved the color, softness, and fit. It’s already in high rotation within his closet.

Emmett Tee Laela Jeyne 1

Round-Up Conclusion

Definitely a keeper! …both the pattern and the husband 😉 I’ll be sewing many more of these. I can’t wait to get rid of the ill-fitting store-bought clothes and slowly (or quickly!…this took me like 30 minutes!) replace his wardrobe with a custom-fitted collection.


7 thoughts on “Men’s Wear: The Emmett Tee Tester Round Up

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  1. Hi there! After your review on the Jalie pattern I subscribe to your blog. I am seriously thinking of getting this t-shirt pattern after seeing your photos in this post, but I noticed in the pattern description it says the pattern may have changed slightly from the tester photos. Do you know how the pattern has changed? I feel I don’t know what I’m getting if the test your photos are different from the finished product! And as I buy so few patterns I’m nervous to spend. 🙂 Thanks for any help


    1. Hi Natalia. Thanks so much. Since there are several “Versions” during testing, this phrase is likely present so that testers can share their versions even if the fit changed slightly throughout testing. Any changes made to the pattern are always for the best interest of the pattern (i.e. best fit). If you still have questions, I’d encourage you to reach out to Marisa via the Laela Jeyne Facebook group.


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