Take Me to Venice – The Dress for My Wandering Soul

Venice Dress 1


We may live in a bustling city. Or surrounded by hay, or Saguaro cactus; we may even have Temple elephants that meander our streets with clamoring roars of the drum.

Regardless of where we live, we can sew ourselves into the space in which we desire.

Today, I’m in Venice. If only in threads.




The Venice Dress by New Horizons Designs is designed for soft, flowy woven fabrics. I used a woven floral rayon from my Pretty Posh Prints stash–something that spoke to my mood as I was sewing.

Venice Dress 4

I chose to make the mini length (out of my norm!) because it feels so “right” this summer and can easily be worn as a tunic with leggings or skinny jeans. I made the short sleeve (which is really an elbow length) with crossover on the sleeves and the band at the back. Adding these features were very simple, and I think it adds quite a bit of charm.


The process to sew the dress was very straightforward, and I’d recommend topstitching the neck facing down (optional within the pattern) or cutting it shorter. The longer facing wants to occasionally wiggle up if not topstitched; you can see this in the pic below. With a quick topstitch, it’ll stay lovely and keep me in Venice just a while longer.

Venice Dress 6

And right now, Venice is exactly where I want to be.

Venice Dress 3



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