P4P Linen Loungers

P4P Linen Pants 4

I’ve been all about the light and flowy garments this summer and early fall. I love when materials are soft (chambray, rayon or poly blends, terry, linen), when garments are comfortable, and when I can look and feel stylish with a simple creation.

The Patterns for Pirates Linen Loungers are now available and discounted during the release period (ends Sunday); and they surely fit that light, carefree, and stylish wish list of mine. The pattern, for light wovens, comes with two styles of front pockets (optional), optional back pockets, and an elastic or yoga-style waistband.

There are also various lengths: shorts, Bermuda, and pants.

The version I tested included front and back pants with a yoga waistband. I love how chic they are.

P4P Linen Pants 6

I was afraid that the yoga waistband might detract from the style and that I’d want to hide it under my tops, but I was totally wrong–it adds another dimension and design element.


For sizing, I didn’t have to alter the pattern or blend sizes. The rise (front and pack) were accurate/comfortable, and the leg width was slimming without feeling tight (especially with wovens). Remember that our body shapes differ, so you may need to adjust the rise to get your desired fit. You can always sew a muslin if you aren’t sure about your rise or haven’t sewn pants before.

The pockets were a perfect depth. For my next version, I’ll likely skip the back pockets because the top of my yoga waistband covers it up a bit when the waistband is folded over (based on my own placement–not the pattern); plus, I don’t use back pockets–so I really just added them for another detail.

P4P Linen Pants 3

I do love them, though! Maybe I’ll just lower them a bit next time.

Sewing Pockets Tip 1: 

A great tip to keep in mind when adding pockets is to sew the pants (without waistband), try them on, and have your hubby or someone you trust use a fabric pen (or chalk) to mark the placement of the pockets. It helps quite a bit! Add the pockets, and then add the waistband.

Sewing Pockets Tip 2:

Gluesticks work wonders! There are gluesticks specifically for sewing, but I actually use crafting ones and they work great. I use them to get the nice shape of the pockets, and then I use the stick (lightly) to adhere it to my pants where I want them. I do pin in place, still, but the gluestick keeps it from moving around when sewing.

Here is a close-up of my front pocket. Patch pockets are also an option–and I’ll surely give those a try in another version (patch looks like a sewn rectangle style on front–see additional tester photos for a visual).

p4p linen loungers Pocket photo

P4P Linen Pants 4

Once you sew your linen loungers, be sure to share your creations on the P4P Facebook page! I can’t wait to see! If you haven’t grabbed the pattern yet, get it HERE.

Here’s the link to the full tester round-up versions: www.patternsforpirates.com/loungers-roundup

Disclaimer: The pattern link in this post are affiliate links; I’m so happy that you were inspired to buy the pattern via my creations! I am affiliated with most of the pattern companies I test for, and this in no way shapes my response or promotion. I only test for companies I respect and only share patterns I adore!




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