Ellie and Mac New Release: Sunset Dreams Dress for Women and Teens

Sunset Dress Ellie and Mac 2

The sun is about to set, but the night is still young for Ellie and Mac. This sweet pattern company is always full of surprises, and here is yet another: the Sunset Dreams Dress for women and teens. Wildly, this pattern is only $3 (price shown in cart) during release and always a steal thereafter. Insane.

The dress features a sweetheart bodice and flattering skirt. The pattern includes a strap pattern as well as the go-ahead to use store-bought lace, straps, and other materials.

For my dress test, I used crocheted appliqués for a feminine touch. I lined my appliqués up against the strap cut chart to check length, and I barely had to trim (easy peasy). I found these ones on Ebay, I believe; but a couple of great online sellers to check for appliqués are Sincerely Rylee  and Sew Vegabond,

Pairing the appliqués with a gorgeous solid fuchsia liverpool from Pretty Posh Prints helps to showcase both the color and added strap style without being too distracting. The liverpool is soft and has a great drape. I’ve been loving solids lately, as you’ve likely noticed from my blog!

Sunset Dress Ellie and Mac 9

Enjoy sewing this sweet creation, and be sure to share your makes!


Disclaimer: The pattern links in this post are affiliate links. I am affiliated with most of the pattern companies I test for, and this in no way shapes my response or promotion. I only test for companies I respect and only share patterns I adore!


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