The Fitted Men’s Raglan: Top Pic, Jalie’s Nico

This is one of the few posts where I’m 1. not testing a garment or 2. not an affiliate for the company. I just needed a good, fitted men’s raglan. Probably every shirt my husband’s tried on in American stores has been baggy for his Asian-Indian physique. I’m so thankful I came across the Nico Pattern by Jalie.

My hubby ended up being U in the chest, V waist, and V/W hip, so I graded accordingly. The fit is terrific, and when he put the first one on (before I hemmed), he asked, “Ohhh, can I wear it to work tomorrow?!!” This guy would love 365 of these, hands down.

Here’s a look at the sleeve lengths:


Hebie Nico Raglan Longsleeve Jalie 2


Hebie Nico Raglan 34 sleeve Jalie 2


Hebie Nico Raglan short sleeve Jalie 5

I even got some fun poses and smiles from him (without me asking) — he’s the best!

With Father’s Day right around the corner, grab your man’s measurements and grab the Jalie NICO Pattern, and you’ll make his day (and add some heart flutters to yours)!

For current Jalie promotions, visit HERE


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