Bayside Romper for Women: Easy Mom Wear

Bayside Romper 6

So let’s face it… there are some days that I just don’t have the mental capacity to think about a coordinating outfit. I might wear a mismatched bottom and top to run my daughter to preschool, covered by a long coat (praise Michigan for that never-ending cold!). But in the summertime, my wardrobe becomes much simpler. I’m often found wearing dresses; I love how they feel in the breeze, and nothing beats just ONE piece that completes an outfit.

Enter rompers…

New Horizons Designs just released the Bayside Women’s Romper with shorts, pants, mini dress, and maxi options. When the trend emerged, I loved it right away…but I hadn’t sewn any until now. When I saw the design for this pattern with the crossed back, I needed in!

Bayside Romper 5

I love how easy the pattern is to assemble with bands around the arm and neck holes and a center casing for either elastic or a drawstring. These elements (as well as the pockets) are the golden opportunity to add a pop of color.

For my tester sew, I used CLUB Line striped floral cotton spandex from Raspberry Creek Fabrics and chose the “shorts” style with drawstring. I love how it came together and will have to try the dress style soon too. But first…maybe one or two more shorts rompers 😉

Bayside Romper 3

Get the Bayside Romper HERE (and on sale for a limited time)


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