George & Ginger Swim Sew-Along: Edgy Suit Results #GGSWIM

Edgy swim suit 2


George & Ginger Pattern Group just concluded its Swim sew-along utilizing a few key top patterns from Kristi’s collection, and I’m here to show you my results!

I chose the Edgy Top as my top base pattern. I had recently made it with coachella shorts (below) and loved how it felt. I was both comfortable, stylish, and well-supported.

Coachella Shorts and Edgy Tank 1.6

For the sew-along, I chose the Norma Jean Shorties (see discount code below) as my bottom piece for a few reasons:

  1. I wanted a retro look
  2. I recently tried the Norma Jean shorties for underwear, and they are a perfect fit and don’t budge
  3. My grandpa went on a double date with Norma Jean before she became “Marilyn Monroe,” –so it was totally in my cards!

** Use code SBPPAffiliate001 at Sew by Pattern Pieces for 10% off your total order (including the Norma Jean Shorties)!

After mashing the Edgy Top + Norma Jean Shorties, I got my perfect-coverage retro-styled swimsuit, with strawberry polka dot swim fabric from Love Adore Knits:

Edgy Swimsuit

But….trying something for the first time is never (or hardly ever…) without complications. To mash the pieces, I simply took the Norma Jean shorts off of the fold, drawing out the full front and back pieces. I figured out the extra length that I wanted (with room to add gathered sides) and drew out 3 pieces: 1 front swimsuit with Edgy top and Norma Jean shorties’ bottom front, 1 back with mirror image of Edgy top and Norma Jean shorties’ bottom back, and the gusset piece.

I attached lining to the full front and back pieces using a baste stitch, and I added a Bandeau/shelf-bra with built-in cups using This Tutorial that I created earlier for the Edgy Top. I attached the gusset piece and lining using the Norma Jean underwear tutorial.

**My complications arose from two factors: 1. I graded the bottom of the Edgy top in to about size xxxxs to match the tops of my bottoms. I should have graded out just slightly to allow more room for my body to fit through the suit. My fix? Triple Stitch all seams so they won’t pop as I wiggle through! 😀 2. I originally fully gathered my sides. As I serged my suit together, my gathers mostly fell out, leaving me a very long suit. My fix? Put on the very long suit!…it naturally gathers on the body since the bottoms fit so well! Thank God…or I probably would have cried if I couldn’t wear my new suit.

Here are some more pictures we grabbed this morning. This will definitely be my most-worn suit this coming summer!

Edgy swim suit 3


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