Adding Built-In Cups to the George & Ginger Edgy Top

Edgy Top Coachella Shorts 1

I bought the Edgy Top yesterday in preparation for the upcoming George & Ginger Swimsuit sew-along and wanted to test out the size as well as adding one element that I knew I’d need–cups! From my experience, I end up wearing strapless tops way less than other clothing items because my store-bought strapless bras are ill-fitting and a hassle to keep up.

So I decided to add cups to my tank as well as my upcoming suit so that I’d get the most use out of both!

*Please excuse the poor image quality of the upcoming tutorial; it was late, I was in my basement, and I had my 50mm lens and no extra hands! I know you’re gracious, though, so LET’S DO THIS!

  1. First, you’ll want to trace out the inner lining of the shirt to create a “shelf bra” or Bandeau. Use the front piece of your top, and cut right around it.

Edgy Top Shelf Bra Tutorial 3

2. To determine how far down you want your Bandeau to go, hold the top up to your body, lining the shoulder seam to your shoulder the under arm seam to your armpit; mark the apex/nipple point of your breasts. Hold those points, and mark with a washable sewing marker, chalk etc.

Edgy Top Shelf Bra Tutorial 5

3. Next, lay your cups down flat on the top, matching the apex points with the center of the cups. Press them flat against the fabric, and cut below that mark (I cut about 1” below that mark). Also cut a band piece about 75% the length of the bottom of your Bandeau. You can use the arm band as a guide for width.

Edgy Top Shelf Bra Tutorial 4

4. Pin the cups to your top flat (I didn’t photograph this, but your top will look like the picture above; add pins to your cups, getting them as flat as possible). Use a zigzag stitch, and stitch right on the edge of the cups, securing them to your top. When you are finished, the other side of your top will look like the picture below. This will be the side that faces the shirt, not the skin (the actual pads will face the skin).

Edgy Top Shelf Bra Tutorial 7

5. Fold your bottom band in half (wrong sides together) and iron. Align the raw edges of your bottom band and Bandeau, right sides together. This is the same technique as you’ll use to add the arm bands or neckband. Pull the band (not the Bandeau) as you stitch or serge the band to the top.

Edgy Top Shelf Bra Tutorial 9

6. Baste the sides of your Bandeau to the wrong side of your Edgy top, the cups facing you. This will help keep it in place when serging the tops together.

Edgy Top Shelf Bra Tutorial 8

7. Next baste the neck of the Bandea and Edgy top as well as the arm opening (horrible pic below). Again, this just helps make these two front layers into “one” layer so that you can finish the construction of your Edgy top.

8. Complete the construction of your Edgy top per the George & Ginger instructions! Enjoy your new top and not having to figure out a bra 😀

Edgy Top Shelf Bra Tutorial 1

Edgy Top Shelf Bra Tutorial 2


You can buy the Edgy Top HERE on Etsy — and remember to start from Ebates for your Etsy purchases to get cash back! LOVE saving those pennies for more pretties!

Shorts are the Women’s Coachella shorts from Striped Swallow Designs; I will be featuring them in more detail on my blog soon!





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