Scarlett Moto Skinnies by Laela Jeyne

Skinnies Jeans 6

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A year or two ago, I started eyeing moto jeans that were advertised around the web. I was so tempted to buy but never love the fit of ready-made jeans. When Marisa posted the tester call for her skinnies with a moto option, my eyes about popped out of my head! This was it! This was also my first time sewing jeans. Another sewing goal accomplished 🙌 …and this pattern makes it simple!

In addition to the pleated moto section (regular skinny jeans are also an option), the pattern provides instructions for the flat-felled method of concealing seams. This makes the inside of the pants very professional and comfortable.

And did I mention the optional knit waistband?!! I jumped on that! I mean…I hardly have time to pee these days much less unzip my pants! 

Skinnies Jeans 3

I had to use a floral scuba for my knit waistband–it just makes me smile every time I see it. I mean…floral.

The recommended stretch for these jeans is 10% or less to ensure a good fit. I found my denim from LDG Textiles.

Skinnies Jeans 1

Tips and tricks:

  1. Use the correct threads (jean) and needles (jean/heavy weight)
  2. Be sure your moto piece is in the correct direction when creating your pleats. I had mine upside down initially (I wasn’t paying attention), so my neater thread (the top thread) is on the wrong side of the pleat. No biggie–but something to look out for.
  3. Go slowly as you sew through layers. I was pretty simple as long as I took my time and used the correct needle.
  4. Before adding your waistband, throw your skinnies on, and have your hubby or someone near mark the pocket placement with chalk. This helps ensure great placement!
  5. Use a glue stick on your back pockets! This helped my pockets lay very flat while I sewed them on.


Ultimately, the fit of these skinnies is by far my favorite in my wardrobe. They feel great, and even the banded waistband stays put perfectly and holds up the jeans (it’s double-banded for reinforcement). I couldn’t love these babies more!

Buy the Scarlett Moto Skinnies HERE

“Get the Look” Materials

Floral Scuba from Pretty Posh Prints

Stretch Denim from LDG Textiles

Top is the Lesely Flutter Sleeve Top by Seamingly Smitten

Thread is gold jean thread from Jo-Anns.


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