Itch to Stitch Pleated Paro Cardigan: Feminine Comfort


There’s something about a comfy cardigan that makes it a staple of my winter, spring, and fall wardrobes (and for chilly air-conditioned summer eateries). When Kennis Wong of Itch to Stitch Designs first showed her sketches of her women’s cardigan, I knew this would be the one I’d want to live in.

Sure enough, during testing, I sewed up a comfy sweater knit version of the Paro Cardigan.

Pattern HERE

I honestly added it on top of my clothing for the next few days. Or…maybe it was a week. Whatever it was, it needed to go in the wash. So I, of course, needed to sew another one. Because that’s what we sewists do, right? 🙂

This time, I wanted to use a fabric that would showcase the gorgeous pleat details of this cardigan. The pleats in the front and back are what sold me; it makes it different than any other cardigan. It’ll even make a beautiful jacket for spring!

I chose a medium-heavy weight reversible polyester spandex fabric with mostly 2-way stretch.


It couldn’t have been more perfect for what I was going for. Look at those pleats!!!

For newest release information, you can join the Itch to Stitch Facebook group HERE. I love seeing everyone’s new creations!


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