Holiday Dresses + Valentine’s Day Inspiration: Petite Stitchery & Co.


Pinks and reds, full plumes in the heart of winter; these sweet details paired with dark chocolate and giggling children remind me of Valentine’s Day.

In December, Knitpop  held a special sewing contest with this gorgeous fabric they named “Edith.” The rule was that we needed to sew something for us (the sewist) and someone we loved. A little game/contest turned into a magical affair with me and my eldest (all of 4 years).


We took the opportunity to twirl…


…to catch snowflakes….

to let loose and just celebrate love.

And love is the biggest piece. Regardless of what we sew. But since we all need a little inspiration, here you go. My dress is a combination of Sew By Pattern Pieces “Ladies Fun Tee” and “Glamour Swirl Skirt.” I’ve blogged about it here. My daughter’s dress is part of Petite Stitchery’s incredible line that mixes boho on-point trends with practicality. It’s one of my new favorite lines and one that I jump in line to test for each time there’s a new release. This is the Mistletoe Dress, which was our go-to for Christmas and is on my list for Valentine’s Day, Easter…. you get the gist.

The dress comes with options to give two very distinct looks. Can you believe this is the same dress?

There are very different looks for both ruffled-bottom woven (with optional faux sash) and tutu style skirt.

I also sewed the Baby Sparrow for my youngest daughter; so all three were in Petite Stitchery for Christmas.


And owner/creator Ashley Hermann is not letting up anytime soon. She has a whole new line in the midst of release! Be sure to join her FB group for Petite Stitchery & Co. HERE.


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