Versatility of the Sazerac Shift Dress: Boho Dress, Nightie, and Swimsuit Coverup

Shift dresses have increased in popularity within the last few years as part of the beautiful Boho trend. I adore Boho, yet I try to avoid the “frumpy” look. The Sazerac Shift Dress by Seamingly Smitten was my perfect option for both a chambray/fringe boho style I wanted for winter and a sheer chiffon nightie I wanted for Valentine’s Day. The versatility of the pattern definitely has put this pattern on the must-keep radar for me.


There are a few key elements I love about the shift dress. #1. We can use wovens! We knit lovers have wovens in our stash but rarely use them; this is a great opportunity! #2. It has a clean neckline (and easy! …just fold down and stitch). #3. The pattern includes optional cuffs. To me, this just pulls the dress together. I like the free-flowing sleeve option; but when it comes down to it, I’m more of a structured gal 🙂



How neat is it that I can use the same pattern for a dress and a nightie…and let’s be honest…a swimsuit cover-up? You get my vote!

Now…let’s talk about the two main styles I made. The first is a woven chambray with graphite fringe trim. I truly adore this look for winter.

The width of the dress is pretty large, even for the “xs” size, so if you like a more fitted look (like below), you’ll want to take in the sides 1-2” (on each side). It’s an easy adjustment and allows you to have both the larger shift and slender shift options.


Now…the nightie! I chose sheer chiffon from Pretty Posh Prints for a modest yet sexy Valentine’s nightie.


I took the sides in 1” but didn’t have to alter the shift pattern in any other way. And because I tire of nighties pretty quickly, this will definitely become a swimsuit cover-up by summer! Mamas always have a plan 🙂

I just love the mint and polka dots. It makes my heart happy.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my sewing friends!! Make something that allows you to feel gorgeous…because love begins with loving you.


PATTERN LINK: Seamingly Smitten’s Sazerac Shift Dress

FABRIC LINK: Pretty Posh Prints


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