The Striped Swallow Driftwood Hoodie, Bandless – “Get the look”

Being a pattern tester and being willing to put everything else aside and sew after the “after hours” most definitely has its perks. When I saw Mandalynn Soileau, designer for Striped Swallow Designs share her tunic-length cowl hoodie in a fabric group, I said, “Wherever do I find that pattern?!” And lo and behold, her tester call came very soon after. At first glance, I wasn’t exactly a fan of both a cowl and a hood. But…mind you…it was still in the 70s here in Michigan. By the time I got sewing, I was in love; even the high cowl is perfect for nursing/breastfeeding. I will be living in these this winter.

Pattern: HERE


One of the unique features of the Driftwood hoodie is the banded bottom. However, if you want a more subtle tunic look (which is what I’ve done), here’s what to do:

Unbanded Look:

  • Add 1/2 the banded width to the total length of the front and back bodice (remember that the bands will be folded in half, which is why we add 1/2).
  • Hem the front and back before sewing the side seams (I serged the bottom, folded up, and used a double needle for the hem).
  • The front and back also have side slits. If you don’t want the side slits, simply grade the front and back pattern piece so there is one fluid line (bottom to top) and no little plateau (which is in the original pattern for the side slits).
  • When it’s time to sew down the arm, sew down the arm and down the complete sides. Voilà!

Fabric: Sweater knit from Girl Charlee

I then used beautiful spun poly from Love Adore, paired with navy microsuede (yummy!). Many wonder what spun poly is and whether it’s silky like poly spandex–but it’s not at all. It’s more like a soft cotton jersey fabric. Isn’t the chainette fringe on the bottom so perfect? I just love how the creative process works in sewing…and having goodies on hand to play with! To get the fringe look, just add fringe (I added it to the outside) as you hem. I was able to do both at once.

…Those poses above, by the way, were a result of my husband saying, “Can you lean against the fence and put your leg up?” I had NO CLUE what exactly that meant (thus the sideways pose). He has a good eye, though; they were some of my favorite captures!


And here’s a close-up of that Spun Poly…


I’ll just be over here, all warm and cozy… 😍 😍



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