Fun Tee Blog Tour and Dress Hack

Welcome to the final stop on the Fun Tee Tester Round Up blog tour! Be sure to check out the other incredible insights; you can find the blog links at the bottom of the post.

Earlier in November, I posted my initial reaction to the Ladies Fun Tee by Sew by Pattern Pieces. You can find that post here.

Today, as part of the Ladies Fun Tee Blog Tour, I’d like to recap the fit options that I tested, share an incredible DRESS hack with you, and fill you in on a giveaway to win:

  1. The Ladies Fun Tee with A-E bust adjustments, and
  2. A copy of the latest One Thimble magazine (258 pages plus PDF patterns!)

During testing, I opted for the fitted bodice and ruffled sleeve, both short and long sleeve. Since the long sleeve top has two connected arm pieces with ruffles at both top and bottom of the upper arm piece, the two sleeve lengths have distinct looks. The shorter sleeve is more of a puffed sleeve many are used to, and the long sleeve has a Renaissance vibe; I adore both.

The Fun Tee comes with in bust sizes A-E with different front patterns for each cup size. This is a very unique element that designers traditionally do not share. However, Lauren Wernli, the designer, seeks to educate sewing enthusiasts on creating the best fit; and she does an excellent job of breaking it down and helping us find the proper bust size. Her article on creating both Full Bust Adjustments (FBA) and Small Bust Adjustments (SBA) was featured in Issue 13 of One Thimble Magazine, which you can enter to WIN at the end of this post!

The fit, through the bodice and arms, are spot on–and the tee has traditional round-, V-, and scoop-neck options. I tested the scoop neck, and it lays nicely (no bulging or wrinkling) and dips to a modest point (which I prefer). To see fits for a variety of bust adjustments (sounds funny…but you get it!), be sure to check out the tester blog tour links at the bottom of my post.

Now…for even more fun! When you find a perfect tee…one that you really love…and then you find a FREE circle skirt pattern (see the Facebook group; it includes pockets if desired!)… you just have to combine them into a dress! So here you have it, the Ladies Fun Tee + Glamour Swirl Skirt!


To get the look, I simply cut the Fun Tee pattern right at the “shorten/lengthen” line. That was an ideal bodice mark, and I used between “knee length” and “cocktail length” on the skirt since I usually have to lengthen for my height (5’7.5”). The result is dreamy and so fun! And do you see…I used the gathered long sleeve…?! It’s a little hard to see with this beautiful floral print, but I notice the details, and I love them! Fabric lovers? It’s double brushed poly; and I loved it so much that I grabbed some from So Sew English and Knitpop. I believe Love Adore carried it too.


And the twirl…

So, I know you want your hands on this little beauty! Now it’s time for the GIVEAWAY!! Remember…you can win both the Ladies Fun Tee AND the latest issue of One Thimble, which includes incredible tutorials and PDFs alongside Lauren Wernli’s article on FBA and SBA. So enter, share, and jump over to the Sew by Pattern Pieces Facebook group to grab the FREE Glamour Swirl Skirt (for both ladies and children).

Rafflecopter (November 21st – 26th AEST time zone):


Don’t miss any of the posts on the Sew by Pattern Pieces Fun Tee Roundup Tour

(Note: the links below will not work until their scheduled day, but feel free to click through and check out the rest of their blogs anytime!)

Day 1 Tuesday 22nd – MeMade

Day 2 Wednesday 23rd – Anne-Mari Sews and Sewing by Ti

Day 3 Thursday 24th – By Breenah and Kiwi Crafty Chemist

Day 4 Friday 25th – Kutti Couture


And there’s more!! Sew by Pattern Pieces is having a Thanksgiving Cyber Monday SALE, so you can snag the Fun Tee pattern even if you don’t win! Good luck, and happy sewing!


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