Snapdragon Knit Dress for Special Occasions and Every Day

The girls’ Snapdragon Dress by Sew Like My Mom is quickly becoming my go-to for dressed-up everyday wear and special occasions. It’s an easy knit dress with beautiful details like gathered sleeves and a gathered skirt; and the sleeve cuffs help create a well-fitting look and helps keep sleeves free (if that’s possible…) of messes.


I’m such an old soul, so this sweet little old-fashioned style speaks well to my soul. Paired with a little Raspberry Creek CLUB jersey fabric, this dress quickly became my little gal’s favorite.

And when it came time to sew for my third daughter’s FIRST birthday, I went right to the Snapdragon.


I sized up a little so she could wear it longer, and I’m so glad I did; I don’t think I could part with this beauty any too early! Check out the difference it makes with a little ruffle fabric.


So elegant!

I can only imagine a sweet little tulle one for Christmas!


Featured Fabric: Raspberry Creek Fabrics CLUB line and Art Gallery Knit

Featured Pattern: Sew Like My Mom Snapdragon Dress


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