Ladies Fun Tee with Bust Adjustments: Shaping Women’s Wear

Lauren Werneli from Sew By Pattern Pieces is shaping the way we think about patterns by educating the sewing community about the impact of creating bust adjustments in any pattern–whether Full Bust Adjustments or Small Bust Adjustments. In her new pattern, the Ladies Fun Tee, Lauren not only provides information about bust adjustments, but she provides the actual pattern pieces for various cup sizes to make our sewing lives a bit more dandy during these upcoming holiday months.

The Ladies Tee comes as a fitted or relaxed fit tee (short and long) or gathered sleeve. The sleeves are gathered at both the top and bottom, giving it a bit of a Renaissance flair that I adore.

During testing, I chose to sew both gathered sleeve styles (because who doesn’t need a bit more ruffle in their lives??)

Short Gathered Sleeve, Fitted Bodice

The puff is subtle and elegant. In the version shown here, I created the fitted bodice for a nice top to wear under skirts and high-waisted pants. I have already paired it with jeans and cardigans for fall. I can tell this will be a staple in my wardrobe.


The long-sleeve version has two connected pieces in order to create that Renaissance look. It’s sweet and charming and can easily be classed up or worn for casual wear.

Long Gathered Sleeve, Fitted Bodice


Not shown is the relaxed fit and the regular (non-gathered) sleeves; there are so many options with the Fun Tee!

HERE is where to go to get the pattern. If you join the Sew By Pattern Pieces Sewing Circle on Facebook, there is a link for a release discount through November 18, 2016!

Lauren’s issue about Fitted Bust Adjustment and Small Bust Adjustment was also featured in Issue 13 of One Thimble out of Australia. Thanks, Lauren, for educating our sewing community to help us shape our clothing for our bodies–rather than confine our bodies to the clothing!



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